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Welcome to the home of CRACKCast on CanadiEM!

A podcast for those who have to satisfy their ADHD studying needs, the CRACK in CRACKCast is for Core Rosen’s and Clinical Knowledge. This is a podcast that truly gets down to the basics by covering each and every chapter of Rosen’s Emergency Medicine – in order. New episodes are published weekly on Mondays and Thursdays.

If you would like to follow along, we highly recommend that you add the CanadiEM / CRACKCast channel to a podcast application on your phone or tablet. If you haven’t done this before, it is easy to do once you get started. Complete instructions are available here. Click below to go to the podcast’s RSS feed and iTunes store page.


Episode List

Part I – Fundamental Clinical Concepts

Section 1.1 – Critical Management Principles

Section 1.2 – Cardinal Presentations

Part II – Trauma

Section 2.1 – General Concepts

Section 2.2 – System Injuries

Section 2.3 – Orthopedic Lesions

Section 2.4 – Soft Tissue Injuries

Section 2.5 – Violence and Abuse

Part III – Medicine and Surgery

Section 3.1 – Head and Neck Disorders

Section 3.2 – Pulmonary System

Section 3.3 – Cardiac System

Section 3.4 – Vascular System

Section 3.5 – Gastrointestinal System

Section 3.6 – Genitourinary and Gynecologic Systems

Section 3.7 – Neurology

Section 3.8 – Psychiatry

Section 3.9 – Immunologic & Inflammatory

Section 3.10 – Hematology & Oncology

Section 3.11 – Metabolism and Endocrinology

Section 3.12 – Infectious Disease

Section 4.1 – Environment

  • Chapter 139 – Frostbite (9e: Ch. 131)
  • Chapter 140 – Accidental Hypothermia (9e: Ch. 132)
  • Chapter 141 – Heat Illness (9e: Ch. 133)
  • Chapter 142 – Electrical & Lightning Injuries (9e: Ch. 134)
  • Chapter 143 – Dysbarism and diving emergencies (9e: Ch. 135)
  • Chapter 144 – High Altitude Medicine (9e: Ch. 136)
  • Chapter 145 – Drowning (9e: Ch. 137)
  • Chapter 146 – Radiation Injuries (9e: Ch. 138)

Section 4.2 – Toxicology

  • Chapter 147 – Approach to the poisoned patient (9e: Ch. 139)
  • Chapter 148 – Acetaminophen (9e: Ch. 143)
  • Chapter 149 – ASA and NSAIDs (9e: Ch. 144)
  • Chapter 150 – Anticholinergics (9e: Ch. 145)
  • Chapter 151 – Antidepressants (9e: Ch. 146)
  • Chapter 152 – Cardiovascular Drugs (9e: Ch. 147)
  • Chapter 153 – Caustics (9e: Ch. 148)
  • Chapter 154 – Cocaine and Sympathomimetics (9e: Ch. 149)
  • Chapter 155 – Toxic Alcohols (9e: Ch. 141)
  • Chapter 156 – Hallucinogens (9e: Ch. 150)
  • Chapter 157 –  Iron and Heavy Metals (9e: Ch. 151)
  • Chapter 158 –  Hydrocarbons (9e: Ch. 152)
  • Chapter 159 –  Inhaled Toxins (9e: Ch. 153)
  • Chapter 160 – Lithium (9e: Ch. 154)
  • Chapter 161 – Antipsychotics (9e: Ch. 155)
  • Chapter 162 – Opioids (9e: Ch. 156)
  • Chapter 163 – Pesticides (9e: Ch. 157)
  • Chapter 164 – Plants, Mushrooms, Herbal Meds (9e: Ch. 158)
  • Chapter 165 – Sedative Hypnotics (9e: Ch. 159)

Section 5.1 – The Paediatric Patient

  • Chapter 166 –  General Approach to the Paediatric Patient (9e: Ch. 160)
  • Chapter 167 – Paediatric Fever (9e: Ch. 166)
  • Chapter 168 – Paediatric Respiratory Emergencies: Upper Airway Obstruction & Infection (9e: Ch. 167)
  • Chapter 169 – Paediatric Respiratory Emergencies: Lower Airway Obstruction (9e: Ch. 168)
  • Chapter 170 – Paediatric Respiratory Emergencies: Diseases of the Lung (9e: Ch. 169)
  • Chapter 171 – Cardiac Disorders (9e: Ch. 170)
  • Chapter 172 – Gastrointestinal Disorders(9e: Ch. 171)
  • Chapter 173 – Infectious Diarrheal Disease and Dehydration  (9e: Ch. 172)
  • Chapter 174 – Genitourinary and renal tract Disorders (9e: Ch. 173)
  • Chapter 175 – Neurologic Disorders (9e: Ch. 174)
  • Chapter 176 – Musculoskeletal Disorders (9e: Ch. 175)
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Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas is a MedEd re-purpose-r. He cofounded the CrackCast project to fill the obvious gap in current FOAMed. He is a true podcasting supporter, and finds it to be the best way he learns. Currently a resident in the FRCP program at the University of British Columbia.
Adam Thomas
- 2 days ago
Adam Thomas

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Chris Lipp
Chris Lipp is one of the founding Fathers for CrackCast and an EM Resident in Victoria, BC. His interests are in sports, exercise, and wilderness medicine. When he isn’t out on one of his accidental 20km trail runs, you can find him jamming with friends, or outdoors, and reading Rosen’s…..
Chris Lipp

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Tristan Jones

Tristan Jones

Tristan Jones is a resident by day, early 90s style hacker by night. We had to give this Emergency Medicine Resident from UBC a job, or else he would shut down our website faster than Anonymous taking down Donald Trump.
Tristan Jones
- 1 month ago
Tristan Jones

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Justin Roos

Justin Roos

Justin Roos is an emergency medicine resident at the University of British Columbia. His interests include mountain and wilderness medicine. He is a contributor to the CrackCast podcast.
Riley Golby

Riley Golby

Riley is a senior medical student at the University of British Columbia. His interests posture him as a keen learner of the evolution of medical education, the importance of mentorship, and the integration of evidence-based medicine early in training.
Riley Golby
- 5 months ago
Riley Golby

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Andrew Guy

Andrew Guy

Andrew Guy is a medical student at the University of British Columbia, and manages audio editing and mixing for CrackCast. He is pursuing a career in academic emergency medicine, with interests in FOAMed, ultrasound, medical education, and prehospital/mass gathering medicine.
Andrew Guy
- 3 months ago
Andrew Guy

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Colin Sedgwick

Colin Sedgwick

Colin is a medical student in the Island Medical Program at UBC. He has a passion for emergency medicine with a keen interest in all things ultrasound. His hobbies include enjoying the outdoors with his dog, and being forever in search of achieving a good tasting homebrew.
Colin Sedgwick
- 1 week ago
Colin Sedgwick

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Ross Prager

Ross Prager

Originally hailing from Victoria, Ross is a medical student in Vancouver with a keen interest in acute care medicine and medical education. When not consuming all things #FOAMed, he can be found in the outdoors hiking, kayaking, or skiing. He also is an avid racket-sportsman, and occasionally (especially during exams) wishes he pursued professional badminton.
Ross Prager

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Owen Scheirer

Owen Scheirer

Owen is a resident in the FRCPC Emergency Medicine program at the University of Saskatchewan. When he's not running around the emergency department, he's outside cycling, or hanging out with his wife and dog.
Owen Scheirer

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Dillan Radomske

Dillan Radomske

Dillan Radomske is a medical student at the University of Calgary. He is passionate about Emergency Medicine, rural and remote healthcare, and Indigenous advocacy. He is an avid podcast listener, and aspires to contribute to the field of FOAMed in the future.
Dillan Radomske
- 1 month ago
Dillan Radomske

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Nathan Stefani

Nathan Stefani

If you can’t find this slick, senior medical student in the trauma bay, then head out to surf the nearest break. He’ll be there shredding it up. Or… limping home from his 4th bike crash this year.
Nathan Stefani

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Kevin is a second year medical student at McMaster University. He is a junior editor for CanadiEM and has interests in medical education, graphic creation and the intersections between design, urban design and medicine.
- 3 days ago

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  • Town Cable

    You guys are doing amazing work! Keeps me motivated. When would you be able to complete the book?

    • Adam Thomas

      The plan is to be completed by January 2018…

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  • Simon ward

    Hey team at Crackcast, just wanted to say big thanks for the great work – used your podcasts to challenge the CCFP(EM) and was successful- used all of your stuff- worked awesome, thanks again, keep it going, ….. avid Fan

    • Adam Thomas

      Simon, Big congrats!!!! Glad our little endeavour is paying off for you! Please let us know in the future how we can make it even better.

      Now we hope you stay away from the books for a bit and enjoy being done that big exam!

      -AT for the whole CC Team

    • Jeff

      Hey Simon,
      I am one of the ERP in Victoria and have the pleasure of working with many of the Crackcast team. I happen to have a friend who is planning to challenge the CCFP(EM) exam next year and is looking for advice/tips/whatever to help him through the process. If you would be so kind, would you email me at [email protected] so I might connect you with my friend?
      Thanks, Jeff

  • Michele D’Amour

    Hello Crackcast team!
    Are you aware that there is a problem with the deck “part 2 section IV” in Quizlet? It says that the access is forbidden. Thanks for your help and for your AMAZING work!!!

    • Adam Thomas

      We are now! I’ve got the team working on it. Will have a solution ASAP.

      • Michele D’Amour

        Sorry for the delay in my answer.
        Thank you for quickly arranging the card deck. The next morning everything was fine.

        Thank you again for your amazing work and for your devotion to the “cause”. My 5th year is a lot less painful with you guys!!
        PGY5 Université de Montréal