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Welcome to the home of CRACKCast on CanadiEM!

A podcast for those who have to satisfy their ADHD studying needs, the CRACK in CRACKCast is for Core Rosen’s and Clinical Knowledge. This is a podcast that truly gets down to the basics by covering each and every chapter of Rosen’s Emergency Medicine – in order. New episodes are published weekly on Mondays with historic content (Chapters 1-35) being updated on CanadiEM each Thursday.

If you would like to follow along, we highly recommend that you add the CanadiEM / CRACKCast channel to a podcast application on your phone or tablet. If you haven’t done this before, it is easy to do once you get started. Complete instructions are available here. Click below to go to the podcast’s RSS feed and iTunes store page.


Episode List

Part I – Fundamental Clinical Concepts

Section 1.1 – Critical Management Principles

Section 1.2 – Cardinal Presentations

Part II – Trauma

Section 2.1 – General Concepts

Section 2.2 – System Injuries

Section 2.3 – Orthopedic Lesions

Section 2.4 – Soft Tissue Injuries

Section 2.5 – Violence and Abuse

Part III – Medicine and Surgery

Section 3.1 – Head and Neck Disorders

Tristan Jones

Tristan Jones

Tristan Jones is a resident by day, early 90s style hacker by night. We had to give this Emergency Medicine Resident from UBC a job, or else he would shut down our website faster than Anonymous taking down Donald Trump.
Tristan Jones
- 5 months ago
Tristan Jones

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Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas is a newbie to MedEd. He cofounded the CrackCast project to fill the obvious gap in current FOAMed. He is a true podcasting supporter, and finds it to be the best way he learns. Currently a resident in the FRCP program at the University of British Columbia.
Adam Thomas
- 1 week ago
Adam Thomas

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Chris Lipp
Chris Lipp is one of the founding Fathers for CrackCast and an EM Resident in Victoria, BC. His interests are in sports, exercise, and wilderness medicine. When he isn’t out on one of his accidental 20km trail runs, you can find him jamming with friends, or outdoors, and reading Rosen’s…..
Chris Lipp

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