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Clinical Question: What is the best treatment for acute dyspepsia?

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The Case: Tummy Ache? Piece of Cake! A 26-year-old woman presents with epigastric pain after consuming a large piece of cake. She describes that she had previously been diagnosed with heartburn by her family doctor and was on a heartburn medication but stopped taking it when she went on vacation. She denies associated chest pain, shortness of breath, and changes in bowel habits. She describes the pain as a 7/10 sharp stabbing pain. She is otherwise …

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TREKK Series | Intussusception

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An 18 month female named Ella presents to the ED with a 1-day history of multiple intermittent episodes of abdominal pain (lasting ~5-10 minutes each) where she pulls into a knee-chest position, in addition to episodes of non-bloody, non-bilious emesis after her last 3 meals. Her appetite has been poor. Her bowel movements have been normal, with no diarrhea or hematochezia. There have been no unusual ingestions, no sick contacts, and no recent …

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Tiny Tips: Canadian CT Head Rule

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“But Doc, I didn’t hit my head THAT hard” Computed tomography (CT) scans are frequently performed after a head injury to rule out acute intracranial findings. However, most Emergency Department patients with a head injury have no acute CT findings. The Canadian CT Head Rule (CCHR) was developed to help clinicians determine when to order a CT image for patients with minor head injury.1 In 2010, a multi-centre prospective trial implemented the CCHR and …

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Clinical Ultrasonography 101: Seeing Clearer with Ocular Ultrasound

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Ever feel frustrated with your eye exam? Confused by the slit lamp and even more distressed at the thought of doing funduscopy? Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) is taking over emergency medicine and can definitely help improve your eye evaluation. The eye is an ideal structure for viewing with ultrasound since it is a superficial structure that is conveniently filled with fluid. However, the spherical three-dimensional structure of the ocular globe can be confusing when …