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A “Friends” Case Report – Joey’s Urolithiasis

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Presentation Joey Tribbiani, a previously healthy 28-year-old male, presents to the ED with left-sided flank pain. In the past 12 hours, he has had four 20-minute episodes of sudden onset, severe left flank pain radiating to the groin. During these episodes he was unable to find a comfortable position. He felt nauseous and had one episode of emesis. He denies hematuria and any lower urinary tract, gastrointestinal, or respiratory symptoms. He reports no …

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Identification of Emergency Department Patients for Referral to Rapid-Access Addiction Services

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This month, CanadiEM is featuring an article from the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine that looks at substance-related ED presentations and the need for direct referral to a rapid-access addiction services. Recent national data shows that substance-related emergency department visits are rapidly increasing.​1​ Despite this finding, previous studies show that many EDs do not have referral protocols for rapid-access addiction services.​2​ A prospective cohort study was conducted by Hann et al. to better characterize substance-related …

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Practice Essentials: Long Term Care Patients in the Emergency Department

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The Case: An 86-year old female from a long-term care (LTC) facility is transferred to the Emergency Department (ED). She is primarily Russian speaking. The transfer note lists a history of hypertension, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and advanced dementia. She arrives alone by EMS to the ED with the transfer sheet saying, “chest pain”. She is wandering around the ED and the nursing team is having a difficult time keeping her in her room. You …

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CanadiEM Primer – Content Overview

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Introduction to the Emergency Department Emergency Medicine Mindset Emergency Department Culture 101 Common Presentations Abdominal Pain Chest pain Dyspnea / Shortness of Breath Back pain Headache Ischemic Stroke Vertigo Fever and Sepsis Skin and Soft Tissue Infections Musculoskeletal and Extremity Issues Joint Pain Soft Tissue Pathology Common Fractures & Splinting Lower Leg Swelling Early Pregnancy Bleeds and complications Epistaxis Pulmonary Embolism Trauma – General Approach Trauma – Isolated Head injury Emergency Department Skills …