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Physicians as Humans Podcast E02: An Illness Close to Home

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In the second episode of the Physicians as Humans project, I speak with Dr. Rob Rogers (@EM_Educator), a leading educator in emergency medicine and director of The Teaching Course. He shares his experiences of dealing with a devastating illness in his own family and the effect it had on his career as an emergency physician. This is an ongoing project, so if you or anyone you know have a story about managing personal struggles …

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Physicians as Humans Podcast E01: An Addiction that Almost Killed Me

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On behalf of the Physicians as Humans project, I’m thrilled to present the first episode of the series: An Addiction that Almost Killed Me. If you are unfamiliar with the project, please read this post for more information on the origin of this podcast series. In this first episode I speak with a Canadian medical student about his personal battle with drug addiction during medical school. He candidly describes his experience and the powerful impact it has had on his …

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Physicians as Humans: Physician Mental Health

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In the competitive and paradoxically-isolating era of modern medicine and social media, we must reduce the stigma of not only mental illness, but also of occasionally being less than stellar. Improvements in work environment and lifestyle balance are key to improving the physician condition, but we must also endeavor to support each other with empathy and compassion for the benefit of our patients and our health care system.

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Physicians as Humans: Starting the Conversation

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Lately, I have been thinking about the lies we tell each other as doctors. Mostly, these are lies of omission. We share stories of slick procedures, clever diagnoses, and post-shift half-marathons. We skip over the mediocre feedback that followed us home. We hide the weekends that we waste wallowing in exhaustion and self-pity. Sometimes it seems harmless – considerate, even – to keep this heavy stuff to ourselves, but these lies create a climate of inadequacy and isolation. There is nothing lonelier than believing that no one is struggling but you.