Bimanual technique to reduce pediatric inguinal hernia 

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A 7-week-old male infant named Johnny presents to the Emergency Department with a bulge in his right scrotum that the parents noticed today, worse when he is crying and upset. On exam you notice an inguinal hernia and try to reduce it but are unsuccessful. What technique could you try next? Incarcerated hernias can often be reduced using a bimanual (two-hand) technique and lots of patience.  Place the fingers of your non-dominant hand …

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Chalk Talk: Skin and Soft Tissue Infections

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Editor’s note: This BoringEM Chalk Talk on skin and soft infections and accompanying was created as part of a joint Digital Scholarship Elective between the University of Toronto and McMaster University. This video is a great and quick review of the must-knows on the topic.  The accompanying case questions can be accessed here.    As part of a Digital Scholarship elective at The University of Toronto, Alia Dharamsi (@alia_dh), R1 in Emergency Medicine created a series of pocket cards, …

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Chalk Talk #1: Acute Pain Control

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BoringEM Chalk Talk’s are short (<5 minutes), basic videos aimed at contextualizing preclinical knowledge. They were initially created for the students of the Harvard Medical School Learner-Directed Simulation Program Chalk. I found that similar topics seemed to come up in a lot of the groups that I was teaching. Rather than doing the same basic tutorial for all of them, I decided to do it once and post it here for them to …