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Chalk Talk: Skin and Soft Tissue Infections

In Chalk Talks by Alia Dharamsi4 Comments

Editor’s note: This BoringEM Chalk Talk on skin and soft infections and accompanying was created as part of a joint Digital Scholarship Elective between the University of Toronto and McMaster University. This video is a great and quick review of the must-knows on the topic.  The accompanying case questions can be accessed here.    As part of a Digital Scholarship elective at The University of Toronto, Alia Dharamsi (@alia_dh), R1 in Emergency Medicine created a series of pocket cards, …

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Chalk Talk #1: Acute Pain Control

In Chalk Talks by Brent Thoma14 Comments

BoringEM Chalk Talk’s are short (<5 minutes), basic videos aimed at contextualizing preclinical knowledge. They were initially created for the students of the Harvard Medical School Learner-Directed Simulation Program Chalk. I found that similar topics seemed to come up in a lot of the groups that I was teaching. Rather than doing the same basic tutorial for all of them, I decided to do it once and post it here for them to …