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PEM Pearls 01: Pediatric Airway Differences

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Welcome to PEM Pearls: a new CanadiEM Infographic Series focused on providing approaches and high-yield pearls for important pediatric EM topics! Today we will be discussing differences in pediatric airway anatomy and airway management considerations.​1​ Physiology Even in a healthy child, pediatric patients are incredibly prone to rapid oxygen desaturation during apnea. Furthermore, The rate of desaturation is proportional to the child’s age: infants can reach 90% SpO2 in as little as two …

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How to make your CaRMS interviews sound and look spectacular

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Introduction We are less than 3 months away from CaRMS interviews! Although you are likely working on personal and reference letters, now is a good time to start thinking about your interview. This year, for the first time, interviews will be entirely online from the comfort of your own home. This brings about a whole new topic – how to make your audiovisual stream as awesome as you are. This article serves as …

Case Report: Parkour aftermath – Andy’s fall from height in The Office

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History A 36-year-old male with no medical conditions was brought to the ED by ambulance after a one-story fall in a workplace parkour incident at the Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company. While it’s debatable if the awkward leapfrogging preceding the incident could be considered parkour, Jim explains that the goal of parkour is “to get from point A to point B as creatively as possible, so technically they are doing parkour as long as point …

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Teaching That Counts: Crisis Resource Management in Medical Simulation

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This is part of the CanadiEM Teaching That Counts Infographic Series, where we take the current research and evidence on how to teach well in the emergency department, and distill it down into bite-sized chunks that are rapidly digestible and memorable. We all know that Crisis Resource Management (CRM) is an important skill. When done well, it enhances team performance, reduces medical error, and improves patient safety. But like many other non-technical skills, …

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ClerkCast Episode 5: Pediatric Fever

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Welcome back to ClerkCast! Today we are sitting down with Dr Kaif Pardhan, FRCP EM assistant program director at the University of Toronto, staff emergency physician at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and staff emergency physician in the Pediatric Emergency Department at the McMaster Children’s Hospital. Key takeaways from this episode are: Every pediatric patient with a fever should be “eyeballed” using the pediatric assessment triangle and pediatric vitals for their age groupFever is …