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Much has been written about flashcards previously on CanadiEM (see here and here). For those of you wanting a study deck of cards to study the concepts from the podcast using spaced repetition  – here it is! The CRACKCast team has been working on this project from day one and have up to episode 42 in CRACKCast flashcards (so far ~350 cards and counting!).

This study deck is building as each episode of CRACKcast is released. They follow the Q&A format of the podcast and include some extra pearls / mnemonics that we have found helpful in aiding recall.

PLUS, they are updated regularly.  They are a must-have-resource if you’re serious about mastering core emergency medicine content. Here’s how to access the FREE decks of cards:

1. Click HERE


2. Download the Quizlet app through: (a) Google Play or  (b) the App Store (this is a FREE app)


3. Download any other flashcard app that can access flashcards through Quizlet (CanadiEM recommends Flashcards Deluxe due to its strong spaced repetition features)

Once you are connected to Quizlet: just search “Crackcast” and you’ll find our two decks. As we grow, we will add more. If you have any ideas / suggestions on how we can make the cards better (or find any errors that need correcting) let us know!

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