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2020 AHA and Red Cross Focused Update on First Aid

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This year, the American Heart Association released the updated 2020 Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care; the first major update to the internationally recognized guideline in five years. CanadiEM has worked alongside the AHA to produce infographics summarizing these updates.  Alongside the American Red Cross, the AHA developed a Focused Update for First Aid outlining the “Top 10 Things to Know” for providers. The update used systematic reviews produced by the …

Human-Centered Design in Healthcare

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You are working a busy shift in the emergency department and are trying to quickly disposition patients. As the shift progresses and your feet hurt, you wonder why your work space is far removed from the patient care area, and different walls have bins that contain order sets, handover notes, and referral forms. Moreover, the route to sending the tube to the lab crosses too close to the dirty utility room. You think …

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2020 American Heart Association Guidelines for Pediatric Basic and Advanced Life Support

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This year, the American Heart Association released the updated 2020 guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency cardiovascular care; the first major update to the internationally recognized guideline in five years. The American Heart Association (AHA) has updated its Pediatric Basic and Advanced Life Support (PALS) guidelines since their last update in 2010. These new recommendations focus on airway management, emphasizing that pediatric patients with an advanced airway should have a target respiratory rate of …

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What to Do in a Resuscitation as a Junior Learner

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Background If you’re a medical student interested in emergency medicine, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re also interested in resuscitation medicine. It’s a defining aspect of the specialty — how to take a sick, undifferentiated patient and simultaneously investigate and treat a potentially very broad differential diagnosis.  The challenge is that, as a junior learner, you’ve likely received limited teaching in resuscitation medicine, and what teaching you have received is probably more …

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HiQuiPs: Preparing a QI Manuscript – the SQUIRE 2.0 Guidelines

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You are planning to conduct a quality improvement project and your project supervisor has advocated that you download a copy of the SQUIRE 2.0 QI reporting guidelines before you begin.  This is confusing, as it seemed to you that reporting guidelines governed how a manuscript should be drafted rather than how a project should be conducted.   You decide to take a deeper dive into the SQUIRE 2.0 guidelines. Introduction: Guidelines for Conducting Research …