Writer’s Guides to Education Scholarship: Important Papers for Junior #MedEd Scholars

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For education scholars, publication in peer-reviewed academic journals remains the gold standard for recognition and career advancement. Navigating the writing and peer-review process can be challenging as rejection rates are high, but many of the common reasons for manuscript rejection are preventable. Despite this, most physicians are never formally taught how to maximize their success in publication.  Many rely on research mentors to give them the proper guidance. Over the past academic year, …

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Approach to Asthma in the ED

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The Clinical Scenario A 35-year-old professor presents to the emergency department with marked dyspnea. He reports a history of asthma, for which he takes salbutamol, which is his only medication. Over the past 3 years, he has been coughing and wheezing with increasing severity. He has been using his inhaler every two hours with minimal effect. En route to the ED, EMS administered 10 mg of nebulised salbutamol. Upon arrival, the patient appears …

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Tiny Tips: Approach to Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

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Whether the patient is an expecting mother, a post-menopausal woman, or a young adolescent, abnormal uterine bleeding is distressing for the patient, and often overwhelming for learners. Consider the ‘CAUSES OF bLOOD’ to better tailor your investigations and management. Cancer Abruption Urogenital infections (PID, endometritis, salpingitis) Severe menorrhagia Ectopic pregnancy Spontaneous abortion Ovarian cyst rupture Fibroid (Leiomyoma) b… Location of placenta- placenta previa Ovarian torsion Onset after delivery – Post-Partum Hemorrhage Drugs – …