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Sirens to Scrubs: Fever-Phobia

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You’re transporting Milly, a 68y/o healthy woman to the hospital with a fever of 38.9C with a productive cough. As you offload her she asks for a blanket, so you ask your student to get her one while you start your paperwork. Your student, Vincent, later tells you that he was taught at school not to give blankets to febrile patients and asks you about your reasoning for giving one to Milly. About …

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CAEP FEI | ImageSim – An Online Image Interpreting Learning System

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Lee is a second year pediatric emergency medicine fellow looking at a pediatric ankle x-ray. She is unsure if what she sees is a normal variant like a growth plate or ossification centre, or a fracture. Lee feels like her orthopedic knowledge is weak and wishes there was a tool to help her better learn to interpret visual tests such as x-rays and ECGs before transitioning to staff. This Feature Educational Innovation (FEI), …

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Flow Hacks 9 – OUCH! Timely analgesia administration for patients with MSK injuries in the ED.

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To continue our FLOW Hacks series, Victoria Woolner (NP, MN, MSc QIPS) writes about another initiative her team has taken on, this time tackling timely analgesia administration for patients with MSK injuries in the ED.  This innovation was also the winner of the Top QIPS Abstract Award at the Canadian Association of Emergency Physician’s Conference in 2019.  Setting This intervention was carried out at Toronto General Hospital (University Health Network), an academic site with …

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HiQuiPs: Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE ) – Using Health Informatics to Decrease Adverse Drug Events

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Your emergency department (ED) recently switched over to an electronic health system (EHR). While you slowly adjust your clinical workflow, you find all the dictating, clicking and typing cumbersome and “slows you down”. You wonder how this innovative technology seemingly has become the foremost barrier to your clinical care and how this technology could ever improve patient care? These frustrations and concerns are common sentiments as many EDs across the country are switching …

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HiQuiPs: Year in Review

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It has already been one year since we launched the HiQuiPs (Health informatics, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety) series on CanadiEM.  This year we had fifteen contributors from across the country, and over 15,000 page visits to our series.  Over the past year, we have produced thirteen posts over the HiQuiPs interrelated fields:  Quality Improvement: On QI, we introduced what is quality of care in the ED, then to guide our readers through the …