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Performing non-neuraxial bedside procedures on patients taking anticoagulants

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All the content from the Blood & Clots series can be found here. CanMEDS Roles addresse: Medical expert Case Description You are assessing a patient in the emergency room who is presenting with a unilateral large pleural effusion that is causing hypoxia and shortness of breath. She needs a thoracentesis but her INR is 3.0 due to the Warfarin she takes for atrial fibrillation. How can this procedure be performed safely? What about …

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CAEP FEI | The Global Health Emergency Medicine Organization

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Natasha is a third year Emergency Medicine resident who has a passion for travel and tropical diseases. She has heard of other recent graduates of her training program pursuing additional training in global health. She has always felt drawn to a career in global health but is overwhelmed by the options available online. She wishes there was an organization at her institution that can help her navigate the process.  This Feature Educational Innovation …

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HiQuiPs: Patient Safety in the ED Part 1 – Introduction to the Systems Approach

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So far in our series we’ve explored several approaches, frameworks and tools that will help guide you through the process of quality improvement. You are probably eager to get started at this point (or you may have already!), but you may be wondering which areas to target first in your emergency department (ED). In a previous post we listed some high-yield priorities to choose from. Among these, one of the most recognized and accessible …

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CanadiEM is on Instagram!

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Do you love CanadiEM’s visual content? Do you want a quick way to see old and new infographics? Lucky for you, CanadiEM has joined Instagram. We will be posting all our visual content from infographics to Tiny Tips to Arts PRN posts! Over the next several weeks we will be posting all our past visual content. Then new content will be posted as it is released. To see the full infographic from instagram, …

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Anticoagulation for patients with moderate to severe renal dysfunction

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All the content from the Blood & Clots series can be found here. CanMEDS Roles addressed: Medical expert, Manager Case Description You are called to assess an active and energetic 79 year old man who has come to the ER complaining of palpitations for three months. You do an EKG which shows atrial fibrillation. The patient has a history of gout, hemorrhoids, hypertension, and diabetes. His only medications are a thiazide diuretic and …