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Call to Action – COVID-19 Healthcare Innovation Response

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The COVID-19 pandemic is creating era-defining strains on healthcare capacity and delivery. As a frontline healthcare provider, your innovative ideas could power change that eases this strain. Make your ideas heard and break down the silos of preparation and planning! The COVID-19 pandemic will be a career-defining window for most healthcare providers. Leadership teams for departments including emergency medicine and intensive care are developing novel policies and care strategies in an attempt to …

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ClerkCast Episode 3: Abdominal Pain

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Welcome back to ClerkCast! Episode 3 – Abdominal Pain ClerkCast Episode 3 is all about abdominal pain. Key takeaways from this episode include:1. Thinking outside the GI tract for patients with abdominal pain2. The importance of a good physical exam3. What type of imaging is best for your patient? Hint: it depends!4. How to consult your inpatient colleagues (P-I-Q-U-E-D). The physician helping us out this week is Dr. Rakesh Gupta, an R5 in …

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Surviving Sepsis Campaign: COVID-19 Recommendations

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The Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC) organized a 36-expert working group from 12 countries to create a set of guidelines released on March 20, 2020 for the management of critically ill adults with COVID-19. Currently, there is little direct evidence published about COVID-19 treatment, so guideline writers supplemented what is available with indirect evidence from the two previous coronavirus epidemics, MERS-CoV and SARS. They also utilized accepted supportive care measures from ICU studies on …

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Special HiQuiPs Post: Ontario ED Return Visit Quality Program Part 3 – Program Accomplishments

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You are working a busy shift in your busy emergency department (ED), when you are called by the microbiologist about a positive blood culture gram stain on a patient discharged home. You call the patient’s caregiver and they relay that the patient is doing well. You believe that the culture may be a contaminant from skin flora, but ask the patient and their caregiver to return to the ED for reassessment, possible admission …

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Busting Assumptions about the Suprapatellar Bursa

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As a senior resident, I am continually humbled by the practical questions of junior residents that I cannot answer. While practicing ultrasound-guided knee aspiration last week, a resident asked for clarification about a conversation she had had with an Orthopedic surgeon about the suprapatellar bursa. A patient was seen in the Emergency Department with a red, hot, swollen knee, so the usual “rule-out septic joint” workup was initiated. Whether by difficult landmarking or …