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CAEP FEI | Preparing for High Acuity Events – Stress Inoculation Training

In Education & Quality Improvement, Featured Education Innovations (FEI) by Chris HicksLeave a Comment

Raj is a first year resident who overhears that a trauma patient is being brought into the resuscitation bay. He races over and sees several people moving urgently to set up the room. The paramedics bring the patient into the room and quickly start telling him the history. Raj can feel the stress building within him and feels paralyzed and indecisive. After the shift, he wonders if there is a way for his training …

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Post-game: The CaRMS Rank List

In CaRMS Guide, Mentorship by Brent Thoma17 Comments

Even after CaRMS interviews are over there is a lot of “stuff” to do. Should you send a thank you note to the programs that interviewed you? How is the program going about making their CaRMS rank list? How should you go about making your CaRMS rank list? Should this change if you’re entering the couples match? And what really happens if the unthinkable occurs and you go unmatched? This post will cover these topics and more.

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Spot the Diagnosis! The Case of Mona Lisa

In All Posts, Arts PRN by Tetyana Maniuk1 Comment

This is one of the most famous paintings in the world. Various medical diagnoses float around regarding the subject of this painting; was she missing her teeth and that is what caused her tight lipped smile? Or was it a result of facial paralysis? However, there may be physical signs of one intriguing diagnosis. Can you spot it? While you’re giving it some thought, please consider taking 5 minutes to give us feedback …