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Journal Club by CanadiEM E01: Meet the Team

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Journal Club by CanadiEM is a podcast designed to help medical learners at all stages of training develop the skills necessary to properly appraise, interpret, and apply medical research to the practice of Emergency Medicine, all in the spirit of evidence based medicine.  Hosts  From the West to the East coast: Dylan Collins – 4th year medical student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver  Levi Johnston – Family Medicine R2 at …

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Artificial intelligence in emergency medicine: beyond the hype

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During a busy night shift, you are reading a series of chest X-rays when you overhear a colleague remark, “This will all be replaced by computers soon, anyways”. You think back to a few Tweets on artificial intelligence in medicine and wonder if her comment has merit.   There has been so much hype about the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recent years, much of which is optimistic and some of which is …

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CarmsCast Episode 3: Preparing for Interviews

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In this week’s episode, we are covering how to best prepare for your all-important interviews! From what questions to expect to how to leave a positive impression, we cover it all! Helping break this all down for us is a panel of resident guests from diverse programs across Canada: Dr. Larissa Hattin, Dr. Dillan Radomske, and  Dr. Ben Forestell. Click Here For Shownotes Our Guests Dr. Larissa Hattin is a 4th-year emergency medicine …

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FrontlineEM Primer: Human Trafficking

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Management It is important to remember that our job as physicians is to determine if someone is at risk of being trafficked and then to facilitate connections to an interdisciplinary team and resources. It is not our responsibility to determine if someone meets the legal definition of trafficking and use only this as a measure of whether or not treatment and interventions are required.    Step 1: Identification of Red Flags The following list …

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Identifying a Trafficked Patient in the Emergency Room

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Editor’s Note: February 22 is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Today, CanadiEM is featuring a pair of posts with important takes on this issue. A young woman presents to the emergency department with pelvic pain. She’s accompanied by her boyfriend who insists he come into the exam room and tries to provide the history for the patient, stating that she doesn’t remember things well. The patient makes poor eye contact and defers questions …