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Our vision

Arts PRN strives to be a platform that showcases the experiences of healthcare providers through… the Arts! Each showcase cycle will have a call for submissions from anyone involved in the health care field. Submissions will be featured bi-weekly in the CanadiEM Arts PRN section. Educational posts outlining the benefits of art and observational challenges will also be published intermittently.

We strive to show the arts in medicine, and the medicine in arts.

Be sure to follow the CanadiEM social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) and this page for announcements about future cycles. As art is published it will be compiled in online galleries that we will link to from this page. Check back often to discover the hidden talent of your colleagues, to learn about art, and to hear the unique stories and perspectives that arise from working in healthcare.

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Spot the Diagnosis

The Case of the Ugly Duchess

The Case of the Pale Woman

The Case of the Recluse

The Case of the Jovial Man

The Case of the Man with the Red Hat

The Case of the Woman and the Flask

The Case of Mona Lisa

The Case of the Dutch Painter

The Case of the Red Leg

Hidden stories

The Fortune Teller

What happened to this woman?

What happened to this man?


Introduction to Arts PRN

Why you need art

Medical History in Art: A brief history of one of the most symbolic tools in medicine

Do you have a piece to submit? We will consider any art piece for publication (including but not limited to: poetry, paintings, songs, stories). Read the rules and regulations outlined below to increase your chances of a successful submission.

Arts PRN

The theme of the current cycle is: Balance

Want to be considered for this cycle? E-mail your art, questions, or comments by clicking the button below.

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Rules and regulations

The Arts PRN Project is described in this page’s corresponding blog post and each call for submissions. The rules and regulations outlined are provided below to guide prospective artists to submission. If you have any questions or require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]

  • Each piece must be accompanied by a ≤ 500 word statement of the artist’s reflections on the piece. These may include the scenario in which you were inspired to produce the art, your reflection on it, how it relates to your practice of medicine, etc.
  • Each showcase cycle will have a theme. The artists statements should reflect the theme in some capacity.
  • A limit of 2-3 pieces will be featured weekly or biweekly every cycle. The deadline to be considered for the upcoming cycle will be posted on the main blog post and here, and will be updated as needed.
  • Submissions may be made anonymously. If you would like your post to remain anonymous, please be explicit about this when you make your submission. Otherwise, each submission should include a 1-2 sentence bio, a picture of the artist(s) along with your submission, and your social media handles (if available and desired).
  • You may be asked to complete a survey detailing your decision and experiences with submitting to Arts PRN; completion will be optional but strongly encouraged.
  • You retain the rights to your art but must sign a waiver to grant CanadiEM publishing rights to and associated accounts (including but not limited to social media accounts).
  • It is up to the discretion of the committee to decline publication of a submission for any reason. Submissions deemed too profane, graphic, in violation of privacy laws, or not in keeping with the theme of the showcase are more likely to be declined.
  • Submissions of visual arts, sound, and video must be of sufficiently high quality to be easily viewed, listened to, or watched online.
  • No art which identifies an individual that is someone other than the original creator (e.g., showing a patient’s face in a photograph or other identifiable features) will be accepted for publication unless explicit, written consent has been obtained.
  • Art that has already been published can be submitted to CanadiEM so long as its publication on CanadiEM is in keeping with the criteria of its original publication.
  • Only original artwork will be considered.[bg_faq_end]

Submission Checklist

Be sure to include the following in your submission e-mail:

  • A ≤ 500 abstract describing your piece and how it relates to the theme and your practice of medicine
  • A high quality picture, audio, or video recording of your work (or a link to somewhere we can download it from)
  • If you are not submitting anonymously, then include the artist(s) picture, a 1-2 sentence biography, and any associated social media handles (if available and desired)
  • As applicable, include consent from any individuals other than the artist(s) who appear in the work

Tetyana Maniuk

Tetyana is a PGY1 EM resident at uOttawa with a passion for the arts. She is the Editor of CanadiEM's Arts PRN Section.