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Introducing ‘Sirens to Scrubs’

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Are you a paramedic or other first responder that has wondered ‘what tests will my patient get’, or ‘how is a shoulder dislocation reduced’? Are you a member of the Emergency Department team curious about what the paramedics actually DO before they bring your patients in? Then Sirens to Scrubs is for you! Patients and their families often meet a multitude of healthcare professionals during their emergency – firefighters, paramedics, nurses, emergency physicians, consulting physicians, and …

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“30 minutes? That’s enough to stay well” | Emergency Medicine Wellness Week

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A typical day in the life of an Emergency Medicine physician: You wake up without an alarm after eight hours of undisturbed sleep. You enjoy a fresh cup of french press coffee while reading the morning news on your smartphone – along with a freshly baked croissant of course! Then you go to an hour long yoga session followed by a relaxing massage. Finally, you meet your friends for lunch at a local …