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Introducing the CanadiEM Newsletter

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The CanadiEM team is excited to bring you a newly minted newsletter!  This regular feature will exhibit a handful of topical CanadiEM articles in a digestible format for your consumption.   We will be curating posts and infographics both past and present to highlight excellent content that you might have missed.

To subscribe, simply click the link or follow the prompts on our home page.  Our first issue is included below.  We’re always looking to improve; if you would like to share feedback with us there will be a link included at the bottom with each newsletter.

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Here’s a recap of what’s been going on at CanadiEM!

CanadiEM Frontline Primer
This resource provides physicians being redeployed into the ER with key pearls from specialists all over the country to bring you a concise and uptodate EM resource. It’s great for trainees as well!

Teresa Chan, Afsheen Mehar, Kevin J Dong

Approach to Pain management in the ED
We tackle an approach to pain management in the Emergency Department, illustrating the various avenues to analgesia in emergency medicine, including muscle relaxants and neuropathic pain medications.

Jana Balakumaran

The RULES of Patient Reassessments 
This article provides a framework for one of the most crucial elements of an emergency room encounter: the re-assessment. Using a helpful mnemonic, Dr. Welsher reviews tips around re-interviewing, documentation, and addressing the patient’s concerns.

Arthur Welsher

CaRMS Guide
Hey Med Students – ever wondered how to make CaRMS easy breezy? We have an entire library of CaRMS strategizing material for you to browse. It’s never too early to start!

Brent Thoma

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Edward Feng

Edward is a Family Medicine Resident at the University of Toronto. His interests include medical education and health policy. In his free time he can be found playing board games or cooking up a storm.

Alex Senger

Dr. Senger is a PGY3 Emergency Medicine resident physician in Kelowna, BC.

Sadad Rahman

Sadad is a first year Family Medicine resident at the University of Toronto. His healthcare interests include primary care and emergency medicine, as well as newcomer health. In his spare time he enjoys basketball, photography, and travelling.

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Kevin Junghwan Dong

Kevin Dong is an Emergency Medicine physician in Hamilton, Ontario. His interests include medical education, mentorship, and producing video/podcasts. He completed the Digital Scholar Fellowship in 2019 and he is currently the CanadiEM Director of Multimedia.

Daniel Ting

Daniel Ting is an Emergency Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia, based in Vancouver. He is the Editor-in-Chief of CanadiEM and a Decision Editor at the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine. He completed the CanadiEM Digital Scholarship Fellowship in 2017-18. No conflicts of interest (COI).