2023 CanadiEM Year in Review and Editor’s Choice Awards

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In our 2023 year in review, CanadiEM celebrates its 8th birthday! Does CanadiEM continue to serve an important role in the medical education community? This year is an opportunity for those who value this virtual community of practice to get involved, especially for those who are interested in a leadership role. If that interests you, please reach out at [email protected].

2023 was another busy year for CanadiEM! In the past year, CanadiEM had over 1 million page views from over 500,000 unique users. Our X/Twitter account now has over 12.8k followers, our Facebook page has 4.2k followers and our Instagram account has 2.2k followers. In terms of overall impact, CanadiEM is the 18th ranked website in Digital Impact Factor.

We continue to build organizational sustainability and are recruiting new leaders to take CanadiEM into its next chapter. Our administrator Deanna Goring continues to provide exceptional organization to our team. Our revenues from advertising allow us to continue to deliver high-quality FOAMed content that is free to the user. We have selected our new Junior Editor class this year and have welcomed 17 Canadian trainees from coast to coast onto our team. We also graduated 3 previous Junior Editors to the Associate Editor position. We have an open call for a new Deputy Editor-in-Chief. If you are a Canadian staff physician with an interest in medical education who is interested in giving back to the FOAMed community and who wants to accelerate your academic career through collaboration and/or formal scholarship, please contact us at [email protected].

We wanted to highlight our top posts and announce the annual Editor’s Choice awards that align with our major three organizational values (Open Education, Mentorship, Collaboration). 

Our Top 10 Articles from 2023:

Editor’s Choice Awards

Project of the Year

CAEP23 Conference Collaboration

Editors: Rey Nair, MD(c); Sam Savard, MD(c); Farzan Ansari, MD(c); Bryden Hughton, MD; Evan Formosa MD; Catherine Patocka MD FRCPC

The CAEP Capsule was a 3 part podcast series that summarized the highlights from each day of the CAEP23 Conference. Our team also promoted the conference through live tweeting and created a newsletter issue focused on conference content. As in the two previous years, this opportunity was facilitated through in-kind funding from CAEP, making it a model for sustainable collaboration.

Mentor of the Year 

Rey Nair, MD(c)

Rey is our Director of Multimedia and led the CAEP Cast collaboration during the last CAEP conference. Her diligence and hard work always shines through in her work! She will be very involved in next year’s CAEP24 Conference from June 9-12 in Saskatchewan as well, including leading a collaboration with the Images in Medicine Competition.

Collaboration of the Year 

CanadiEM x CJEM Infographics

Editors: Sam Wilson, MD

Over the past number of years, CanadiEM has collaborated with the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine to bring you visual summaries of the best research studies from the Journal. Sam Wilson has been the lead on this project and serves as the Associate Social Media Editor at CJEM. Sam has earned a reputation as one of our most talented infographic creators!

Congrats to all the award recipients! Check out previous winners here:

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Looking ahead to 2024

Want to get involved?

We always invite submissions to our blog, which undergo a coached peer-review process.​​ This process aims to give writers a positive peer-review experience and can accelerate one’s career path within academic emergency medicine. Submission guidelines can be found here

Want to become a leader in CanadiEM?

If you are interested in a more immersive experience to really up your game in digital scholarship and become an expert content creator, we also have a 1 year fellowship program for senior residents or newly graduated faculty. This is specifically a great opportunity for Canadian PGY5 residents in their Transition to Practice stage who are looking for an Area for Concentrated Expertise. Digital scholarship is an exciting and ever-growing field of medical education. The fellowship can be completed remotely and has a flexible curriculum based on the Clinician Educator program tailored to your interests. Stay tuned for upcoming news on next year’s application cycle!

Finally, perhaps you have experience with content creation with us or with other FOAMed producers and would like to join our executive team. We are currently seeking a new Deputy-Editor-in-Chief.

If any of these opportunities appeal to you, feel free to contact us ([email protected])!

To all the executive team, editors, reviewers, contributors, and readers – thank you for your continued support. You are the key ingredients that make this community thrive. Wishing you a happy 2024! 

Daniel Ting

Daniel Ting is an Emergency Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia, based in Vancouver. He is the Editor-in-Chief of CanadiEM and a Decision Editor at the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine. He completed the CanadiEM Digital Scholarship Fellowship in 2017-18. No conflicts of interest (COI).