First Year Diaries E04: Dr. Daniel Ting & Dr. Jared Baylis – Transitioning to EM Practice

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In this episode of First Year Diaries, I am joined by Dr. Daniel Ting and Dr. Jared Baylis. Dr. Daniel Ting is a first-year staff at UBC, who is currently working from the Vancouver General Hospital and BC Children’s Hospital. Dr. Jared Baylis is also a first-year staff, working at the Kelowna General Hospital. I asked them what it is like to transition from residency to working as staff physicians. Later, we discussed the challenges they face as staff physicians and how residency prepared them for life as Emergency Physicians. 

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  1. What does your Clinical Practice look like?
  2. What are some of your current Academic commitments that you are working on?
  3. To clarify, you are both from the Royal College Emergency medicine stream?
  4. What were some of your first moments where you really realized you had become a staff physician in the Emergency department?
  5. What are some of the things that you do on shift that is routine and that makes you successful?
  6. What are some challenges you’ve noticed on shift, being staff now versus a senior resident?
  7. What are some differences you’ve noticed as staff when you are not on shift?
  8. What is a challenge that you didn’t anticipate prior to becoming staff?
  9. How do you deal with difficult cases or poor outcomes as staff?
  10. Do you have any strategies to deal with patient complaints?
  11. Would you have done anything differently in residency in preparation for becoming staff?
  12. What were some things that you were glad you did in residency before you transitioned to staff?
  13. What do you miss about residency?
  14. Do you have any last-minute thoughts or comments for our listeners?

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Kevin Junghwan Dong

Kevin Dong is an Emergency Medicine physician in Hamilton, Ontario. His interests include medical education, mentorship, and producing video/podcasts. He completed the Digital Scholar Fellowship in 2019 and he is currently the CanadiEM Director of Multimedia.

Daniel Ting

Daniel Ting is an Emergency Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia, based in Vancouver. He is the Editor-in-Chief of CanadiEM and a Decision Editor at the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine. He completed the CanadiEM Digital Scholarship Fellowship in 2017-18. No conflicts of interest (COI).

Jared Baylis

Emergency Physician at University of British Columbia
Jared is an Emergency Physician and Simulation Educator at Kelowna General Hospital in BC, Canada.