The Canadian Enhanced Competency Directory

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Ever wondered how you might carve out a niche within emergency medicine? With well over 50 opportunities for fellowships and enhanced competency programs, you aren’t the only one!

The journey to produce this resource began two years ago when the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) Resident Section generated an initial Excel list of “fellowships” that had been pursued based on chief emergency medicine residents across the country. This was posted to CanadiEM along with a call out to the social media world to help us source additional programs. Thank you to everyone who responded by telling us about what you did for your enhanced competency during residency!

It has been 9 months since then and we are incredibly excited to introduce the 1st edition of the Canadian Emergency Medicine Training Enhanced Competency Directory!

This directory is the culmination of the hard work of many individuals through social media, chief residents nationwide, and a national working group that was put together through the CAEP Resident Section.

We hope that this dynamic directory will serve as a repository of opportunities for EM residents as was first envisioned in both a 2011 & 2015 CJEM paper detailing enhanced competency pursuits for emergency medicine residents.1,2 For some excellent tips on the search and application process for enhanced competencies check out the 2015 CJEM paper by Thoma et al.2

Please be aware that this is meant as a place to start exploring opportunities available to you as you plan your enhanced competency pursuits. It is not a final source on the specifics of each program and we would encourage you to reach out to individual programs for full details on applications, deadlines, how to be a competitive candidate, etc.

We would also encourage you to continue your dialogue with the CAEP Resident Section as this document will need frequent updates as programs change and new programs emerge. Please e-mail the VP communications at [email protected] with any updates and tell us what you think of this resource.


Theoret J, Sanz G, Cheng A, Nemethy K, O’Donnell S, Kelly-Smith C. The evolution of emergency medicine: the pressing need for “made in Canada” subspecialty training. CJEM. 2011;13(6):416-420. [PubMed]
Thoma B, Mohindra R, Woods R. Enhanced training in emergency medicine: the search and application process. CJEM. 2015;17(5):565-568. [PubMed]

Jared Baylis

Emergency Physician at University of British Columbia
Jared is an Emergency Physician and Simulation Educator at Kelowna General Hospital in BC, Canada.

Ahmed Taher

Ahmed is an Emergency Physician at University Health Network and Mackenzie Health in Toronto. He completed the Toronto FRCPC Emergency program, and a Masters of Public Health program at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health with certificates in Quality Improvement & Patient Safety, as well as Public Health Informatics.

Niran Argintaru

Niran Argintaru is an Emergency Medicine resident at the University of Toronto and is the VP education for the CAEP resident section. He has interests in medical education, simulation, prehospital care and trauma.