Chalk Talk: Skin and Soft Tissue Infections

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Editor’s note: This BoringEM Chalk Talk on skin and soft infections and accompanying was created as part of a joint Digital Scholarship Elective between the University of Toronto and McMaster University. This video is a great and quick review of the must-knows on the topic.  The accompanying case questions can be accessed here


As part of a Digital Scholarship elective at The University of Toronto, Alia Dharamsi (@alia_dh), R1 in Emergency Medicine created a series of pocket cards, cases and a Chalk Talk to guide initial learning of the management of Skin and soft tissue infections, as well as Diabetic Foot Infections in the ED.

Skin and soft tissue infections (SSTIs) account for a large portion of ambulatory presentations to the ED. With respect to infection management in the ED, currently there is greater attention to antibiotic stewardship—that is the appropriate use of antibiotics, when and if they are warranted based on clinical presentation and investigations. Understanding the classification of SSTIs  can guide ED treatment. There will be differences between centers and local antibiograms, these SSTI pocket cards have been created as a guideline for the classification of SSTIs, and ED management. This Chalk Talk  is also available to help learners develop an approach to antibiotic choices.

For specific information and resources for Diabetic Foot Infections, refer to this blog post.

You can also download a summary card by click on this link here: SSTI pocket card

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