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HiQuiPs Special Post: In Situ Simulation and High Reliability Organizations in the time of COVID-19

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It has been a slower than usual night shift, and you have just led a resuscitation for a COVID-19 patient in your ED. Your ED has experienced several policy changes in recent weeks, from new standards for the use of personal protective equipment to policies for mitigating risk during aerosol-generating medical procedures to guidelines on how to best communicate between resuscitation and support teams. You wonder how your department can implement multiple changes …

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CanadiEM Frontline Primer – Clinical Debriefing (“Hot Debrief”)

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Points to Focus upon “Hot Debriefs” are clinical debriefs that occur right after a high acuity situation. As a physician who has been redeployed to the ED there will be a vast amount of knowledge you will have to review and sift through. Running a debrief will allow you to review protocols and bounce ideas off members of the team who are involved in resuscitations on a daily basis. If you are running …

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Debrief while it’s HOT

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A 72 year old male is brought into the resuscitation room with respiratory distress. He has had two days of fever, cough, fatigue and shortness of breath with a known COVID-19 positive case in his household. His past medical history includes well-controlled hypertension and diabetes. His oxygen saturation on 6L nasal prongs is 88% and it is clear he is working hard to breathe. Intubation for oxygenation is apparent and you prepare your …

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#CAEP15 Special Edition | Digital Scholarship Elective – An Educational Innovation by the BoringEM team

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Editor’s note:  This past week, whilst was down, there was the ever eventful and fun #CAEP15 conference, which was held in beautiful Edmonton, AB. If you missed out, check out feeds by our editorial team (@TChanMD, @SLuckettG, @Brent_Thoma, @purdy_eve) for cool stuff that we saw.  That said, one of the undisputed highlights of the conference was seeing one of our writers (Dr. Alia, Dharamsi, @alia_dh) present her novel Digital Scholars program during …

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Chalk Talk: Skin and Soft Tissue Infections

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Editor’s note: This BoringEM Chalk Talk on skin and soft infections and accompanying was created as part of a joint Digital Scholarship Elective between the University of Toronto and McMaster University. This video is a great and quick review of the must-knows on the topic.  The accompanying case questions can be accessed here.    As part of a Digital Scholarship elective at The University of Toronto, Alia Dharamsi (@alia_dh), R1 in Emergency Medicine created a series of pocket cards, …