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In the ramp up to CaRMS, BoringEM is committed to bringing you some classic content that we think will be useful.  Periodically over the next few weeks, we will be revising and posting some of the “Classics” from BoringEM around the CaRMS application period.

And so I announce to you that for the next few weeks BoringEM will be posting 3 times a week!  Sometime around midweek we will post one of our pieces about the Canadian Residency Match… the CaRMS Classics!

Also, with our new emphasis on the Expert Peer Review / Attending Review process, I will be ensuring that each piece is read, vetted and supplemented by a staff person for their perspective.

So, stay tuned for tomorrow when we release our first BoringEM CaRMS Classics piece.

– Teresa (@TChanMD)

Teresa Chan

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