2022 CanadiEM Year in Review and Editor’s Choice Awards

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In this Year in Review, CanadiEM celebrates its seventh birthday, which is an occasion to reflect on this amazing virtual community of practice​1​ that continues to grow! Read below for this year’s awards and opportunities to get involved including a call for a Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Director of Multimedia.

2022 was another busy year for CanadiEM! In the past calendar year, CanadiEM had over 1 million page views from 600,000 unique users, the majority of whom hailed from North America (62%), India (6%), the United Kingdom (5%), and Australia (4%). Our Twitter account now has over 12.6k followers, our Facebook page has 4k followers and our Instagram account has 2k followers. In terms of overall impact, CanadiEM remains in the Top 15 websites on the Social Media Index.

One of our focuses has been on creating organizational sustainability. This year we hired a website coordinator, Deanna Goring, who has helped immensely by taking on various administrative roles, allowing our clinical teams to focus on their specialized knowledge products. Our revenues from advertising have stabilized and allow us to continue to deliver high-quality FOAMed content that is free to the user. We have selected our new Junior Editor class this year and have welcomed 16 Canadian trainees from coast to coast onto our team.  

We wanted to highlight our most-viewed posts and announce the annual Editor’s Choice awards that align with our major three organizational values (Open Education, Mentorship, Collaboration). 

Our Top 10 Most-Viewed Articles from 2022:

  1. Tiny Tips: PETMAC as a mnemonic for the 6 deadly causes of chest pain (Samantha Buchanan)  
  2. Hyperthermic Conditions in the Psychiatric Patient (Victoria Forcina, Edward Feng)
  3. Clinical Question: When should patients be allowed to eat in the Emergency Department? (David Zheng, Joseph Boyle, Jeremi Laski, Fadi Bahodi, Edward Feng, Daniel Ting)
  4. Hyperthermia in Methamphetamine Toxicity (Amar Chakraborty, Sarah Delaney, Emily Austin)
  5. Tiny Tips: The COWS Scale (Isabelle Gray)
  6. Emergency Management of Frostbite (Darla Palmer, Sarvesh Logsetty)
  7. Diagnosing Acute Aortic Syndrome: A Canadian Clinical Practice Guideline Infographic (Shauna Jose, Selene Chen, Ashish Mathews)
  8. PoCUS Previews 02: Intro to Image Generation (Revathi Nair)
  9. The ABCDE Approach (Devika Singh)
  10. Bimanual technique to reduce pediatric inguinal hernia (Garth Meckler)

Editor’s Choice Awards

Project of the Year

The CanadiEM Junior Learner App

Editors: Teresa Chan MD MHPE; Afsheen Mehar, MD; Brent Thoma MD MA MSc; J. Kevin Dong, MD; Geoff Comp DO; Jonathan Sherbino MD MEd; Colm McCarthy MD MSc; Monika Bilic MD; Alysha Laviolette MD; Maroof Khalid MD; Maham Khalid MD; Geoff Elder MD(c); Daire Fitzpatrick MD(c); Ashley Wang MD(c); Shauna Jose MD(c); Vincent Li MD(c); Bipandeep Abbat MD(c)

For the first time, CanadiEM’s high-yield content has been brought to your mobile devices with a free, easy-to-use application! This is a resource written for learners and covers an Introduction to the ED, common ED presentations, ED skills, and Communication and Management. This is a “secret weapon” to excel in your Emergency Medicine rotation! For teachers, this app can help to offload your teaching on shift and be a go-to reference to direct learners after the shift.

Mentors of the Year 

Kara Tastad, MD and Andy Tolmie, MD

Drs. Tastad and Tolmie are our new co-Directors of Design. This past year, they made the leap from Junior Editors to Core Executive members without missing a beat, including a central role on the CAEP Social Media and Promotions Committee during the 2022 CAEP Conference in Quebec City that produced the CAEP Daily. They lead by example, and continue to pace CanadiEM’s infographics team among the industry leaders! 

Collaboration of the Year 

CanadiEM x Canadian COVID-19 Emergency Department Rapid Response Registry (CCEDRRN)

Editors: Corinne Hohl MD MHSc; Andrew McRae MD PhD; Sam Wilson MD; Parnian Pardis MD; Jamie Vander Ende MD(c); Daniel Ting, MD 

Over the past two years, we have entered into a formal partnership with the CCEDRRN research network​2​ to highlight its latest Canadian COVID-19 research. Check out our collaborative posts from this series: 1) Introduction to CCEDRRN, 2) COVID Infection Score, 3) COVID-19 Mortality Score, 4) Trends in COVID-19 management. This equal partnership is a model for future collaborations with CanadiEM, with research networks providing financial funding and scientific oversight to CanadiEM in exchange for CanadiEM’s expertise in creating open educational resources and dissemination through our social networks.

Congrats to all the award recipients! Check out previous winners here:

2021 winners of the Editor’s Choice Awards

2020 winners of the Editor’s Choice Awards

Looking ahead to 2023

Want to get involved?

We always invite submissions to our blog, which undergo a coached peer-review process.​​ This process aims to give writers a positive peer-review experience and can accelerate one’s career path within academic emergency medicine. Submission guidelines can be found here

Want to become a leader in CanadiEM?

If you are interested in a more immersive experience to really up your game in digital scholarship and become an expert content creator, we also have a 1 year fellowship program for senior residents or newly graduated faculty. This is specifically a great opportunity for Canadian PGY5 residents in their Transition to Practice stage who are looking for an Area for Concentrated Expertise. Digital scholarship is an exciting and ever-growing field of medical education. The fellowship can be completed remotely and has a flexible curriculum based on the Clinician Educator program tailored to your interests. Stay tuned for upcoming news on next year’s application cycle!

Finally, perhaps you have experience with content creation with us or with other FOAMed producers and would like to join our executive team. We are currently seeking a new Deputy Editor-in-Chief as well as a Director of Multimedia (oversees podcasts and videos). 

If any of these opportunities appeal to you, feel free to contact us ([email protected])!

To all the executive team, editors, reviewers, contributors, and readers – thank you for your continued support. Your enthusiasm and time are the key ingredients that make this community thrive. Wishing you a happy and safe 2023! 

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Daniel Ting

Daniel Ting is an Emergency Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia, based in Vancouver. He is the Editor-in-Chief of CanadiEM and a Decision Editor at the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine. He completed the CanadiEM Digital Scholarship Fellowship in 2017-18. No conflicts of interest (COI).