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Top 5 Things I’ve Learned About Geriatric Emergency Medicine

In Medical Concepts by Thom Ringer3 Comments

My medical school dean urged our class to “think not just about what interests you, but about who needs you.”  Few patients I’ve encountered in healthcare have struck me as more in need than the frail elderly.  As I’ve learned, the ED lies at the heart of the elder care ecosystem, a hub connecting seniors to resources, investigations, specialists, and acute care. In this post, I’d like to share the Top Five things …

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CAEP FEI | EM Sim Cases

In Featured, Featured Education Innovations (FEI) by Kyla Caners0 Comments

 Asad is a third year resident. This year, he will need to start running simulation scenarios with the junior residents in his program. He finds a few old sample cases in his sim lab, but they all strike him as low quality. He wonders, is there a FOAMed resource to help?   This Feature Educational Innovation (FEI), titled “EMSimCases” was originally posted by the CAEP EWG FEI Team on February 12, 2016 and answers the question: “Is …

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Tiny Tips: HEADACHe Red Flags Mnemonic

In Medical Concepts, Tiny Tips by Tetyana Maniuk0 Comments

Patients with complaints of acute headache comprise 4% of emergency department visits.1 Most headaches presenting to the ED are primary headaches such as migraines, however, important secondary causes, such as hemorrhage, cannot be missed.2. A recent CrackCast outlined an excellent approach to headache red flags. The HEADACHe mnemonic can help you remember these red flags3! History describing the worst headache of life or a headache that is different than usual Exertion as a trigger for …