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Reporting Patient Safety Events in the Emergency Department

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You are a physician caring for a 4-year-old patient in the Emergency Department (ED) presenting with a fever. Before ordering Acetaminophen for the patient, you check the patient’s weight on the emergency record, which you read as 17kg. You then write an order based on this weight. The ED nurse checks the order to see if the medication dose is safe using the hospital medication formulary. After that, the nurse approaches you and …

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ClerkCast Episode 5: Pediatric Fever

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Welcome back to ClerkCast! Today we are sitting down with Dr Kaif Pardhan, FRCP EM assistant program director at the University of Toronto, staff emergency physician at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and staff emergency physician in the Pediatric Emergency Department at the McMaster Children’s Hospital. Key takeaways from this episode are: Every pediatric patient with a fever should be “eyeballed” using the pediatric assessment triangle and pediatric vitals for their age groupFever is …

Physician Passion Projects: Episode 1

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Episode overview Introduce the Physician Passion Projects podcast series, hosts, and future direction Highlight Susan Thouin and Roberta Hood’s work on Voices Rock Medicine – a choir comprised of all female physicians Physician Passion Projects An exciting podcast series hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Shih (Twitter/Instagram: @jshihmd) and Rana Kamhawy (Twitter: @ranakamhawy) highlighting Emergency Physicians’ Passion Projects outside of their clinical practice.  Puts a spotlight on some of the great initiatives that Emergency Physicians …

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2020 American Heart Association Guidelines for Adult Basic and Advanced Life Support

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This year, the American Heart Association (AHA) released the updated 2020 Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care; the first major update to the internationally recognized guideline in five years. In collaboration with the AHA, the authors highlighted the “Top 10 Things to Know” regarding the guideline updates. As in previous years, the authors emphasize recognizing prevalence and mortality of cardiac arrest in both a community and hospital setting. They also reaffirm …

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Taking a Sexual History in the ED

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A complete sexual history is important in the investigation of several emergency department (ED) presentations. This is often challenging for students, as it can feel intimidating and uncomfortable to breach this topic with patients. Also, the setting of the ED is not inherently conducive to conversations like these, given the lack of established patient-staff rapport and perceived lack of privacy and time. As such, an organized approach with attention to the environment and …