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CRACKCast E186 – Substance Abuse

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This episode of CRACKCast covers Rosen’s Chapter 140 (9th Edition), Substance Abuse. This chapter gives a brief overview regarding the burden of substance abuse from adolescent to elderly patients. An important consideration in the emergency department is self-awareness and advocacy for these patients that often are challenging to interact with and can provoke countertransference. Shownotes – PDF Here  Key Concepts Substance abuse can affect people from all socioeconomic groups and all ages. For …

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Exam Series: Guide to the Knee Exam

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A 22 year old female comes to emergency department unable to walk. She was in the middle of a rugby game when she caught the ball while pivoting quickly, and was tackled shortly thereafter. She immediately heard a “pop” and says that the swelling in her right leg has increased substantially over the last hour. Background: The knee is a complex hinge joint and one of the most common sites of MSK injuries. …