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ClerkCast Episode 2: Chest Pain

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Welcome back to ClerkCast! Episode 2 – Chest Pain In Episode 2 we break down a simple differential for deadly chest pain using the PETMAC mnemonic, covering common risk factors and concerning stories for each pathology. We also discuss the diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome and tips for chest pain investigations. The attending physician helping us out this week is Dr. Shawn Mondoux, an emergency physician in Hamilton, Ontario, and an associate professor …

Reporting QI Results Part 2 – Run Charts

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You are working on a local quality improvement (QI) project aimed at improving emergency department (ED) lab test turnaround time. You started with a period of stakeholder engagement including the nursing staff, physicians, porters, administrators, clinical biochemists, lab technologists, and patients. Your team completed a root cause analysis and several potential interventions were highlighted. Your team decided to utilize a Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle approach to carry out several interventions including implementing a new …

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Sirens to Scrubs: Do you think I need stitches?

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You are dispatched to Sam, an 87-year-old who cut the base of his thumb while pitting an avocado approximately 30 minutes ago. The laceration is 3cm long and you can see fatty tissue in the wound. Sam’s wife asks whether you think he will need stitches. You think that he will, but you’ve been wrong in the past, so you’re not sure how to answer her question. About Sirens to Scrubs Sirens to …

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Should Ketamine be Used for Trauma Analgesia?

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Case Description: A 21-year-old male presents to your emergency department via EMS after suffering a motorcycle accident.  He was travelling at approximately 80 km/h when he lost control of his vehicle and slid into a median.  He has an open fracture of his left tibia and fibula, but bleeding is controlled, and his left foot is neurovascularly intact.  Despite receiving 10mg of intravenous morphine given by paramedics, he is screaming in pain and …