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CAEP FEI | Ice Cream Rounds

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Mike is a first year resident who just experienced his first case of child abuse. Due to the pressures of the emergency department, he was unable to debrief about the case while on shift. Mike frequently relies on his co-residents to help him process and deal with these difficult cases, but knows others who don’t have that same support network. He wonders if there might be a better way for residents to support …

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Syncope: what (if any) investigations are required?

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Syncope is a common problem encountered in the Emergency Department, and yet despite this there are few strong consensus guidelines, and significant practice variation. Here we seek to explore some of the evidence regarding syncope care. The vast majority of literature and recommendations on syncope in this post, are based upon the well patient who has a syncopal event and is now well again. The differential diagnosis in this scenario is actually fairly …

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Blood and Clots Series: What are the risks of reversing DOAC-associated intracranial bleeding?

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CanMEDS Roles addressed: Medical Expert Case Description You are seeing a 54F in the emergency department after she sustained a mechanical fall. She struck her head on the pavement and is now confused. Her comorbidities include: hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and atrial fibrillation.  She has been taking rivaroxaban 20 mg daily for three years without incident. Her complete blood count (CBC) demonstrates a white blood cell (WBC) count of 7.9 x 109/L, hemoglobin of …