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CJEM Visual Abstract: The cost of In- vs Out-patient antibiotic therapy

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In this issue, we collaborated with the CJEM team to create a visual abstract on the article “Outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy (OPAT) and inpatient treatment strategies for emergency department patients with cellulitis: a cost analysis”.​1​ Skin and soft tissue infections in the ED almost always equals antibiotic prescription. Depending on severity and patient characteristics, the question is whether oral or intravenous (IV) administration is required, and patients receiving IV antibiotics for these infections …

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Managing Agitation in the ED: Part 2 – Restraints, Medical Approach, and Discharge

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This post is part two of a two-part series.  You may review the previous post here. In the last post, we followed Lucas, a 26 year old male who presented to the ED with bizarre behaviour and aggression.  When we left off, he was becoming increasingly agitated and paranoid despite your best efforts in de-escalating the situation.  He is beginning to yell at staff and refuses to cooperate with any questioning.  Approach to …

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Managing Agitation in the ED: Part 1 – Overview and Deescalation Strategies

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Lucas is a 26 year old male who presents to the ED by his parents for bizarre behaviour and increasing aggression at home. He has a history of IV drug use but is not forthcoming about which drugs he has used and how recently he has used them. There are two hospital security employees behind him. He is frequently looking behind and around him, and appears dishevelled and unkempt. Lucas appears quite anxious …

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How to Study Effectively: Powering Up Your Study Habits

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Kuldeep is a 29 yo medical student who has been studying daily but can’t seem to keep up with the content. His friends seem to be scoring higher than him on tests. How can Kuldeep add some new habits and learn how to study more effectively? When it comes to studying, we are often poor judges of when we are learning well and when we are not. Evidence shows that information sticks better …

Bimanual technique to reduce pediatric inguinal hernia 

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A 7-week-old male infant named Johnny presents to the Emergency Department with a bulge in his right scrotum that the parents noticed today, worse when he is crying and upset. On exam you notice an inguinal hernia and try to reduce it but are unsuccessful. What technique could you try next? Incarcerated hernias can often be reduced using a bimanual (two-hand) technique and lots of patience.  Place the fingers of your non-dominant hand …

Social Justice EM Podcast E02: Metis Worldview and Emergency Medicine with Dr. Jill Roberge

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Overview:In this episode, Amie speaks with Dr. Jill Roberge, a Métis physician about how she integrates the Métis Worldview into her practice. Dr. Roberge discusses her cultural background and why she chose to practice Emergency Medicine. Dr. Roberge discusses how the Métis worldview can be practiced every day through a compassionate lens. We also discuss her experiences with racism within the medical school application process and in healthcare. In conclusion, Dr. Roberge provides …