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Narrative Medicine and Resilience in Emergency Medicine

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How do we treat suffering? It’s simple enough to trawl the depths of wisdom collected in Rosen’s. Journal clubs, podcasts, and blogs keep us abreast of the latest updates to evidence-based practice. There is no substitute for the experience gained on clinical shifts. Reading around cases we see in the Emergency Department helps. We may struggle to memorize every list, table, and pathway, but the material itself is pretty straightforward. It’s all laid …

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EM Wellness Week: Reflections of a wellness skeptic

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This post describes how an EM resident’s perception of wellness takes a turn after he recognizes the symptoms of burnout in himself. It was submitted as part of EM Wellness Week. ​Honestly, I’m not really into this “wellness” stuff. I don’t get it. I like what I do – yes, it’s hard, but it’s worth it. All I hear from the “wellness” crowd is talk about burnout, depression, failure, errors, quitting, crying, etc., etc.  Does anyone still like this job? ​That’s …

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Hidden Stories: The Fortune Teller

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“Hidden stories” is a series that is part of Arts PRN that focuses on challenging and building observational skills. How many details can you notice? Can you weave together a story from this one still image? Don’t forget to check out more series featured on Arts PRN here.  Test your visual intelligence by trying to decipher the story depicted in this painting from 1620 titled “The Fortune Teller” by Simon Vouet! While you’re giving it …