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Navigating Patient Handovers

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06:50AM: You are heading towards the tail end of your night shift, swamped with traumas, resuscitations, and overall high volumes of patients. You look forward to heading back to the warm embrace of your bed. However, before you can leave, you run your list again with your supervising physician and realize that there are still a few patients that will likely need to be handed over to the morning shift physician. The incoming …

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ClerkCast Episode 4: Adult Fever

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Welcome back to ClerkCast! Today we are sitting down with Dr Alim Pardhan, FRCP EM program director at McMaster University, Hamilton General Hospital site lead, and a passionate medical educator. Key takeaways from this episode are: Understanding the mechanisms behind fever and hyperthermiaThe causes of hyperthermia – think drugs, CNS infections, thyroid storm, and environmental exposureFive big, bad, and deadly causes of fever in our patients in the ED – necrotizing fasciitis! Endocarditis! …

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Introducing the 2020 CanadiEM Infographic Team

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We are happy to announce that our infographic team has grown yet again! Our group now consists of 16 members from across the country who contribute on a part time basis. This team of medical students and residents are committed to creating helpful infographics that healthcare professionals can use in their day-to-day practice. Currently, our team has been working on a variety of CanadiEM series, such as the CanadiEM MVP infographic series, Clerk …

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Practice Essentials: Long Term Care Patients in the Emergency Department

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The Case: An 86-year old female from a long-term care (LTC) facility is transferred to the Emergency Department (ED). She is primarily Russian speaking. The transfer note lists a history of hypertension, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and advanced dementia. She arrives alone by EMS to the ED with the transfer sheet saying, “chest pain”. She is wandering around the ED and the nursing team is having a difficult time keeping her in her room. You …