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Teaching That Counts: Crisis Resource Management in Medical Simulation

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This is part of the CanadiEM Teaching That Counts Infographic Series, where we take the current research and evidence on how to teach well in the emergency department, and distill it down into bite-sized chunks that are rapidly digestible and memorable. We all know that Crisis Resource Management (CRM) is an important skill. When done well, it enhances team performance, reduces medical error, and improves patient safety. But like many other non-technical skills, …

Tales from the Trenches E01: COVID Transitions with Dr. Andy Little

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In this first episode of Tales from the Trenches, Dr. Tiffany Proffitt (host and EM physician at Honor Health in Arizona, USA) talks with guest Dr. Andy Little (Associate Program Director of Advent Health East Orlando Emergency Medicine Residency Program) about career and life transitions during the COVID pandemic. They discuss the unique challenges of moving his family across the US from Ohio to Florida in the pursuit of the career for which …

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Teaching EBM? You can sim that!

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If you’re in medicine, you’ve probably had to sit through at least one literature searching session. You were probably introduced to a long list of acronyms (most of which you’ve long forgotten) representing different literature databases. Perhaps you were asked to try out a search strategy in some of these databases, which you carefully assembled line by line. Did you ever wonder what the goal of these sessions were? Not sufficiently in depth …

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2020 CanadiEM Year in Review and Editor’s Choice Awards

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2020 has transformed the idea of remote work across industries. As healthcare providers we are lifelong learners, and our education is a substantial part of our work. This year has reaffirmed the importance of Open Educational Resources, and Free Open Access Medical Education, within our communities. The changing nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic has required a nimble and dynamic response to adapt to novel and rapidly-changing information. As you looked for trustworthy sources …

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Carmscast Episode 02: Getting to know a program and some thoughts on personal letters

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What is CarmsCast? CarmsCast is a podcast dedicated to helping medical students navigate the confusing and often intimidating world of CaRMS. From electives to rank order lists and everything in between – our guests and us will try to help ease some of the stress we all experience around the match! Episode 02: On this week’s episode we are covering how to get to know more about programs and give you some quick …