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Clinical Question: What is the best treatment for acute dyspepsia?

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The Case: Tummy Ache? Piece of Cake! A 26-year-old woman presents with epigastric pain after consuming a large piece of cake. She describes that she had previously been diagnosed with heartburn by her family doctor and was on a heartburn medication but stopped taking it when she went on vacation. She denies associated chest pain, shortness of breath, and changes in bowel habits. She describes the pain as a 7/10 sharp stabbing pain. She is otherwise …

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Happy 1st Birthday, CanadiEM! Our Year in Review

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Well, it’s been a heck of a first year for the CanadiEM team!   Thank you so much to the amazing FOAM community for welcoming us into the fold and continuing to engage with our team and our content. With your support, our new site has clocked over 600,000 pageviews from over 9000 cities/regions in 201 countries in our first year of operation! This post outlines our year in review and serves to …