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Hip Nerve Block Toolkit

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This post about how to perform a hip nerve block was created as part of the 2020 Manitoba Emergency Medicine Research Day 2.0 FOAMed competition. The authors have no disclosures of funding or conflicts of interest. Having a healthy understanding of regional anesthesia changes the game in Emergency Medicine. Whether you are relocating joints, fishing glass out of heels, or providing analgesia for painful fractures, depending less on narcotics and procedural sedation can …

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Requesting Consults in the Emergency Department

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You are halfway through your very first Emergency Medicine shift. You have a 23 year old male patient who appears to be a slam dunk for acute appendicitis – he has symptoms that are consistent with the presentation, pain on palpation at McBurney’s point, a high white count, and CT findings of appendicitis. Your staff is being pulled in a thousand different directions, and asks you if you feel comfortable calling General Surgery …

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The CanadiEM Junior Editor Program: Now Accepting Applications!

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We are pleased to announce that CanadiEM is now accepting applications for our Junior Editor program! If you are interested in learning more about Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAMed) or contributing to this medium, this program is for you. The application process deadline is July 31, 2020. What is a Junior Editor? The role of a Junior Editor is very flexible. The main task is copy-editing and uploading article submissions to the …

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Case Report: Johnny English’s Blunt Scrotal Trauma

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CASE PRESENTATION Johnny English, a 42-year-old previously healthy male, presents to the ER with a 3-hour history of pain and swelling localized to the scrotum. He is systemically well and denies lower urinary tract or gastrointestinal symptoms. Upon further questioning, Johnny tells a bizarre story about saving the world by chasing a traitorous MI7 agent through the Swiss Alps and then fighting him to the death. English explains that during their fight he …

First year Diaries E05: Dr. Mohamed Hagahmed – Preparing for Exams After Residency Graduation

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In this episode, Kevin Dong (@kevinjdongMD) interviews Dr. Mohamed Hagahmed (@hagahmedMD) on his transition to practice and how to prepare for your board/licensing exams after you graduate from residency. Dr. Mohamed Hagahmed is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at UT Health San Antonio. Shownotes – PDF Here Questions: Can you talk about your experience and what graduating residences can do to prepare for this transition both for attending-hood …

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Special HiQuiPs Post on Choosing Wisely Canada and Quality Improvement Part 3 – Patient Engagement

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Patient Engagement in Practice: Case of Minor Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)A 40-year-male presents to the ED after sustaining a closed head injury during a soccer game. There is a question of a brief loss of consciousness and he is now complaining of a mild headache. At the ED triage, it is suspected that he has suffered a concussion. The patient appears anxious and is concerned that without imaging, his health may be at imminent …