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CRACKCast E205 – Confusion

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This updated episode of CRACKCast covers Rosen’s Chapter 014, Confusion (9th Ed.). Confusion is a symptom experience by all at some point or another. Confusion has a spectrum of severity and in the Emergency Department it is associated with high rates of mortality. This podcast will give you the tools to identify the cause of your patient’s alteration and help guide your management. Shownotes – PDF here Rosen’s in Perspective This episode is …

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“Rock Paper Scissors”: A Mnemonic for Testing Peripheral Nerve Motor Functions of the Hand

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Upper extremity injuries are one of the common reasons for visits to the emergency department. A quick physical exam, including both motor and sensory exam of the hand, can help triage the severity and urgency for referral to upper extremity specialists. When assessing the distal peripheral nerve motor functions of the hand, try using this mnemonic: “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. Peripheral Nerve Muscles Innervated Movement Mnemonics Median​1​ Flexor Digitorum Superficialis Finger Flexion Rock   …

First Year Diaries E02 – My Philosophy by Dr. David Carr

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On this episode of First Year Diaries, I am joined by Dr. David Carr, an Emergency Medicine Physician working in Toronto, who is a renowned medical education speaker and Toronto Blue Jays team physician. I asked him to impart his wisdom to new staff physicians like myself and share his approaches to a successful career in medicine. Later in the interview, we also discuss workflow strategies for the ED, common mistakes made by new …

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CanadiEM MVP Infographic Series – A Study to Develop Clinical Decision Rules for the Use of Radiography in Acute Ankle Injuries

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This post will highlight a study by Stiell et. al (1992) in which the authors successfully developed highly sensitive clinical decision rules to detect significant ankle and foot fractures on radiography.1   At the time of this study, the authors noted that there were no widely accepted guidelines for the use of radiography in ankle injuries.2,3 Ankle radiographic series were the second most commonly performed musculoskeletal exam in the emergency department despite the incidence …

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Sirens to Scrubs: Fever-Phobia

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You’re transporting Milly, a 68y/o healthy woman to the hospital with a fever of 38.9C with a productive cough. As you offload her she asks for a blanket, so you ask your student to get her one while you start your paperwork. Your student, Vincent, later tells you that he was taught at school not to give blankets to febrile patients and asks you about your reasoning for giving one to Milly. About …

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CAEP FEI | ImageSim – An Online Image Interpreting Learning System

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Lee is a second year pediatric emergency medicine fellow looking at a pediatric ankle x-ray. She is unsure if what she sees is a normal variant like a growth plate or ossification centre, or a fracture. Lee feels like her orthopedic knowledge is weak and wishes there was a tool to help her better learn to interpret visual tests such as x-rays and ECGs before transitioning to staff. This Feature Educational Innovation (FEI), …