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HiQuiPs: Implementation Part 1 – QI Implementation Methodologies

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In this two-part series, we will take a deeper dive into several QI conceptual frameworks, or ways to approach QI projects. In our previous posts, we discussed preparation strategies for QI projects; but when it comes to implementing a change, how would a team go about choosing an approach? We will start with a discussion of the variable effectiveness of different change interventions, then we will delve into an overview of some common …

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CPR Update Series Part 5 – Avoiding excessive ventilation

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Editor’s note: This post marks the final in a series of posts outlining the evidence surrounding various aspects of CPR by Dr. Stu Netherton. Previously this series covered Rate of Compression, Depth of Compression, Chest Wall Recoil, and Minimizing Interruptions. Part 5 – Avoiding excessive ventilation There are many recommendations, for a wide variety of situations, on how to provide ventilation during a resuscitation; mouth to mouth, mouth to nose, bag mask use, suggestions after …

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Sirens to Scrubs: Acute Coronary Syndromes, Part Three – Diagnosis and ED Management

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In Part One of this series, we reviewed the pathophysiology of Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACS), as well as some of the important features that should be elucidated on history-taking. In Part Two we discussed the current evidence-based practices for the management and transportation considerations in patients identified by paramedics to be suffering from a STEMI. In this third part, we will consider the series of events that occur when the care of a …