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Describing a Rash

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When describing a rash there are many characteristics to make note of, including its primary morphology, secondary morphology, demarcation, colour, configuration, and distribution. The focus or this article will be on primary morphology. Reasoning through the first blush Within primary morphology you can stratify a lesion based on whether it is flat or elevated. If the lesion is flat, then it will be either a macule or patch.  A macule is a flat lesion …

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HiQuiPs: Patient Safety in the ED Part 3 – The Role of Safety Culture in a Patient Safety Program

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You are attending a departmental event when you walk over to a group of your colleagues, and the conversation goes silent. You wonder if you had that effect on the conversation, but the awkward silence is reluctantly broken by the person who was speaking when they quietly continue their story. This veteran physician discusses a recent incident where they placed a wrong-sized lumen chest tube in a patient, only to have to replace …

Blood & Clots Series: When and how should I reverse anticoagulation with warfarin?

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All the content from the Blood & Clots series can be found here. CanMEDS Roles addressed: Medical Expert Case Description You are in the emergency department seeing an 89-year-old female presenting with five episodes of coffee ground emesis over the last twenty-four hours. She has atrial fibrillation and is on long-term warfarin for stroke prevention. She also has CAD and had two drug eluting stents placed 4 years ago but is no longer …

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EM Approaches in Clerkship – ClerkCast wants to hear from you!

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FOAMed resources are important tools for junior learners looking for accessible, quality information on topics of interest. Despite the large volume of resources available for EM staff and residents, there is a relative gap of information curated specifically for clinical clerks. To help address this gap and support a growing interest in EM as a specialty, CanadiEM is creating an EM-centered podcast written specifically for medical students entitled “ClerkCast” And we need your …