ClerkCast Episode 4: Adult Fever

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Welcome back to ClerkCast!

Today we are sitting down with Dr Alim Pardhan, FRCP EM program director at McMaster University, Hamilton General Hospital site lead, and a passionate medical educator.

Key takeaways from this episode are:

  1. Understanding the mechanisms behind fever and hyperthermia
  2. The causes of hyperthermia – think drugs, CNS infections, thyroid storm, and environmental exposure
  3. Five big, bad, and deadly causes of fever in our patients in the ED – necrotizing fasciitis! Endocarditis! Meningitis! Ascending cholangitis! Sepsis!
  4. Identification and management of the patient with sepsis

Adult fever is part one of our two-episode double header with the Drs Pardhan. Stay tuned for our next episode, pediatric fever, with Dr Alim Pardhan’s brother, Dr Kaif Pardhan!


Cheat Sheet


*The Adult Fever Cheat Sheet was edited on May 11th 15:30 EST to include “Systolic Blood Pressure ≤ 100mmHg.” A previously published version included a greater than symbol. 

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What is ClerkCast?

ClerkCast is a new medical education podcast written by medical students for medical students, designed to help new learners excel in the ED. Each episode covers an approach to a common ED presentation, and walks you through a case the same way you would on shift. We’ve got plenty of high-yield topics coming your way on everything from chest pain to trauma, so stay tuned for some great content!

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Copy edited and uploaded by Ben Forestell. Content edited by Dr Teresa Chan and Dr. Alim Pardhan

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