ClerkCast Episode 1: Introduction to the ED

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Welcome to ClerkCast!

ClerkCast is a new medical education podcast written by medical students for medical students, designed to help new learners excel in the ED. Each episode covers an approach to a common ED presentation, and walks you through a case the same way you would on shift. We’ve got 10 high-yield topics coming your way on everything from chest pain to trauma, so stay tuned for some great content!

We also have some pretty sweet bonus features in the works. Each episode will be paired with a question bank, show notes, and a cheat sheet jam-packed with helpful content you can pull up on shift.


Episode 0 – Welcome to ClerkCast

Episode 0 is your introduction to what ClerkCast is all about. Check it out first to make the most of your listening, or dive right into episode 1.


Episode 1 – Introduction to the ED

Episode 1 is a basic introduction to working in the emergency department and covers topics like forming your differential, making a plan, and presenting to staff.

The attending physician helping us out this week is Dr. Teresa Chan, an emergency physician and assistant professor at McMaster University. Dr. Chan’s research focuses on medical education innovation and improving learning for trainees.

Please note that E01 EM101 has been updated, with a revised section which more clearly explains the ABCs!


Cheat Sheet

Careful there! A previous version of the Episode 1 Cheat Sheet has been corrected. Please note the correct ibuprofen dose should read “400 mg PO” and the correct hydromorphone dose should read “1-2 mg PO.”



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Lauren Beals

Lauren is a medical student at McMaster University and ClerkCast Co-founder. Her interests include FOAMed for medical learners, LGBTQ+ health, and care for survivors of violence.

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Ben Forestell

Ben Forestell is a medical student and soon to be Emergency Medicine resident at McMaster University. His interests include FOAMed for medical learners (ClerkCast!), quality improvement, and simulation.

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