KelownaKast E01: Musings, and strategies, for cultural sensitivity

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Hello everyone! This is the first episode of KelownaKast, a podcast made by myself, Hasan Abdullah, and Eric DeHaas. We are residents at the UBC Kelowna Family Medicine residency program hoping to share our interest and passion for teaching and social justice issues related to healthcare. In this first episode we talk about some interesting cases we came across during medical school and residency where cultural sensitivity was a challenge for ensuring a good patient interaction. We think these topics are especially important in the ED, and recognize how hard it is to carve out time to ensure positive patient encounter. We also have a guest today, Ashley Mikasko who is a Master’s of Social Work student, to provide her thoughts on these interactions and some evidence-based strategies for cultural sensitivity. The links to some of the articles discussed in the episode are provided below. Hope you guys enjoy this first episode!

  1. Managing Difficult Encounters: Understanding Physician, Patient, and Situational Factors
  2. How to Manage Difficult Patient Encounters
  3. Counselling Canadian Indigenous Peoples: The Therapeutic Alliance and Outcome

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Hasan Abdullah

Hasan Abdullah

Hasan Abdullah is a resident physician at the UBC Kelowna Rural Family Medicine program. His clinical interests include minority issues in healthcare, as well as full-scope family medicine and general emergency medicine. Outside of medicine he is most happiest working on his amateur photography, while travelling all over the world, and exploring beautiful Canada.
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