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WildEM E11 – Drowning

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So you have probably heard by now that kids aren’t small adults. But … could adults be over sized neonates ? Ok probably not but maybe we can learn from NRP to better understand the resuscitation of a drowning patient. Here si what we are going to cover on the podcast today : Drowning definition Type of water : does it matter ? (hint it doesn’t) The patient rescue In water resuscitation C-spine …

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CAEP 2021: Goals of the Conference

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This is the first episode of our CanadiEM’s podcast series in collaboration with CAEP 2021, with our guest host Ken Milne. You may recognize Ken Milne’s voice from the popular podcast Skeptic’s Guide to Emergency Medicine. In this series, Ken breaks down will tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming CAEP 2021 conference, CAEP at the Forks: Rising to the Challenge! In today’s episode, Ken Milne meets with Dr. Tamara …

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CAEP Conference + CanadiEM Special Podcast – Ep 2 – Introducing Track Chairs

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CAEP Conference + CanadiEM Promotions Team collaborate to bring you our second podcast episode! In this collaboration CAEP Conference promotions podcast episode #2 – We introduce some of our amazing track chairs from the conference. They discuss their guest speakers and some of the awesome content they will be hosting at their respective tracks! CAEP Conference 2021 : CAEP at the Forks – Rising to the Challenge When: June 15-17Where: Virtual Conference (Winnipeg …

Tales From the Trenches E03: COVID and the Medical Student Dilemma with Dr. Jazmyn Shaw

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Overview: In this episode, Tiffany talks with Dr. Jazmyn Shaw, the current EMRA Medical Student Council Chair, about the unique challenges faced by medical students during the COVID pandemic. From being abruptly pulled from rotations, uncertainty over audition rotations, virtual interviews and match to the first doses of a COVID vaccine, we cover it all! As we enter year 2 of the COVID pandemic, Dr. Shaw gives us a reminder to love ourselves …