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CRACKcast E202 – Cyanosis

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This updated episode of CRACKCast covers Rosen’s Chapter 011, Cyanosis (9th Ed.). Knowledge of this topic will allow you to more rapidly identify the cause of your patient’s blue hue and give you the tools to intervene on your next shift. Shownotes – PDF Here Rosen’s in Perspective Alright, here is the scenario for today’s podcast: It is 0350h on what has been one of the more draining shifts of your career. You …

First Year Diaries E01 – Transition to EM Practice

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Today’s episode is to aid new Emergency Medicine staff physicians to traverse through the first few months of their independent practice safely and effectively. As a new physician myself, I had the luxury of having many mentors and colleagues who were gracious enough to help me find my way in providing safe patient care. Additionally, they assisted me on integral aspects that we don’t necessary learn or get exposed to as a resident, …