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Exam Series: Guide to the Knee Exam

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A 22 year old female comes to emergency department unable to walk. She was in the middle of a rugby game when she caught the ball while pivoting quickly, and was tackled shortly thereafter. She immediately heard a “pop” and says that the swelling in her right leg has increased substantially over the last hour. Background: The knee is a complex hinge joint and one of the most common sites of MSK injuries. …

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The CanadiEM Junior Editor Program: Now Accepting Applications.. again!

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We are currently celebrating emergency medicine at CAEP in Calgary and have been very excited about the number of people speaking to us about contributing to the website. To capitalize on this interest we are opening our annual recruitment to expand our team of Junior Editors! If you are a resident or medical student who is interested in getting involved with CanadiEM, please read on! While Free Open Access Medical education (FOAMed) has …