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Journal Club by CanadiEM E05: The ARREST trial and ECMO programs

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Join us and our expert guest Dr. James Gould as we discuss ECMO and mature ECMO programs, appraise the ARREST trial and consider the future of cardiac arrest care. Today’s hosts are Jayneel Limbachia, Dakoda Herman, and Jake Domm. Expert Guest: Dr. James Gould is a father of 3, emergency medicine physician and assistant professor at QEII Health Sciences Center and Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with a special interest in resuscitation …

Doctors Can’t Remember Everything: Calciphylaxis and a Diagnostic Aid

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The general approach to the differential diagnosis has remained unchanged since the dawn of modern medicine. A doctor sees a patient, gets some initial information, and then creates a list of what they think are the most likely and dangerous possibilities. This list of possibilities is created by comparing the present patient to others that the doctor has seen and/or querying his/her memory for disease patterns that they have read in textbooks. This …

Tales From The Trenches 05: COVID Reflections – Two Years in a Pandemic

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Overview:  In this episode, Tiffany talks with Dr. Kevin Dong from Hamilton, Canada, and CanadiEM podcast extraordinaire! We reflect on two years of practicing medicine during the COVID pandemic and share our own unique challenges, lessons learned and motivation to continue to work in the department as we enter our third year of the pandemic. Take a listen! Host: Tiffany Proffitt DO, Staff Emergency Medicine Physician Honor Health Guest: Dr. Kevin Dong Short Bio: Dr. …

Social Justice EM Podcast E01: What’s Nuclear Energy Got To Do With It: Emergency Medicine & Climate Change

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CanadiEM Podcast Series: Social Justice EM Podcast | Host: Amie Archibald-Varley RN, MN | Guest: Dr. Chris Keefer What is our role as healthcare providers when it comes to discussions on climate change?  How can we reduce of carbon footprint? What changes can we make in the healthcare system to reduce carbon emissions? Is wind and solar energy our only options? Climate change can be a tricky topic to navigate but it does not have …

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PoCUS Previews 01: Intro to PoCUS

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Welcome to PoCUS Previews; CanadiEM’s newest infographic series!  Ultrasound (US) is an imaging modality that uses high frequency soundwaves and their reflection to produce real time images of various structures within the human body. In Emergency Medicine, small portable US machines can be used to gain an abundance of clinical insight that can ultimately aid in diagnosis. However, generating and interpreting these images can be quite challenging. PoCUS Previews aims to simplify Point …

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Tox in 10: Anticholinergics

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Welcome to “Tox in 10,” a new infographic series that exposes learners to medical toxicology topics that they can absorb in 10 minutes or less! This series is meant to introduce medical students and junior residents to the wonderful field of toxicology in an easy-to-reference-to manner! Each infographic covers the basics of the principles of toxicity, clinical features, diagnostic testing, management, and disposition that is associated with a specific toxic substance or toxidrome.​1​ …