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Game of Thrones Case Report: Penetrating Renal Injury

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Arya Stark, a 19-year-old young woman, was violently stabbed in her abdomen with a knife while walking through Braavos. Arya flees, tumbling into the river that flows through the town. She manages to crawl out of the river, but is too exhausted to move further and is clutching her abdomen, curled up on the bank until a helpful passerby realized she was in trouble. Arya was quickly loaded into a horse-drawn cart and …

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HiQuiPs: Virtual Care and Equity Part 1- Introduction to Digital Inequity

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You are a Nurse Practitioner with a practice in a COVID-19 hotspot. The pandemic has forced you to transition into providing virtual care. You are wrapping up your last telemedicine visit of the morning. Your patient is an 80-year-old Chinese female with a possible skin infection. Her granddaughter is with her and translates for you as you run through your HPI questions. Your patient’s granddaughter has a smart phone, and she positions the …

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Introducing the 2021 CanadiEM Infographics Team

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The CanadiEM Infographics Team has recruited some new members! Our team now consists of 17 talented medical students, residents, and physicians. We strive to create helpful infographics that display EM knowledge in a digestible format. To showcase the talent of our new members, we tasked them with creating some team infographics! Over the last year, our team has been involved in projects including: (CJEM) Visual Abstracts, CRACKCast Visual Flashcards and PEM Pearls. We …

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Outlander Case Report: Penetrating Penile Trauma

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Case Presentation The year is 1743, and a complicated love story involving two passionate relationships with one woman, Claire, unravels. Her two lovers, Frank Randall and Jamie, find themselves in sword combat, fighting over their one true love. Unfortunately, despite putting up a good fight, Randall finds himself struck in his genitals during the duel. After rushing to the hospital via horse-drawn carriage, Randall presents with a penetrating penile injury to the ED. …

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Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome: Quarantine Tom’s Twist

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Your next patient is Tom, an otherwise healthy 22-year-old male. He has returned for the fourth time within the last 3 months for intermittent generalized abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. A review of his previous visits reveals that he has been extensively worked up with a normal abdominal ultrasound, x-ray, and even a CT scan. He was also referred for endoscopy, which showed gastritis with a Mallory-Weiss tear and was started on pantoprazole …