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WildEM E11 – Drowning

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So you have probably heard by now that kids aren’t small adults. But … could adults be over sized neonates ? Ok probably not but maybe we can learn from NRP to better understand the resuscitation of a drowning patient. Here si what we are going to cover on the podcast today : Drowning definition Type of water : does it matter ? (hint it doesn’t) The patient rescue In water resuscitation C-spine …

WildEM – E10 : IM TXA

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WildEM is a podcast about everything wilderness medicine. Our goal is bringing you better care out there. We are excited to partner up with CanadiEM and to publish an episode on the site for the first time ! Todays episode will be a review of the recent paper entitled “Pharmacokinetics of intramuscular tranexamic acid in bleeding trauma patients”. For previous episodes you can check us out on ITunes: ( or where ever you …