What paramedics need to know about the new CPR and ECC guidelines

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Editor’s note: This infographic and an article highlighting paramedical implications of the guidelines changes was published in Canadian Paramedicine. We encourage you to check out the full article and other great pieces at canadianparamedicine.ca.  Learn more about the changes at eccguidelines.heart.org

These newly revised guidelines guidelines present evidence-base care for cardiac arrest patients, and they have greatly influenced the work all emergency providers (including paramedics). With each successive iteration, prehospital care has become more complex, more important, and most importantly, more successful. Survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest continues to climb, and is now consistently in double-digit territory in many areas in Canada… which is fantastics since it was well below 5% a decade ago.  There is no doubt that paramedic implementation of cardiac arrest science is saving patients. We hope that we continue the upward trend of improved survival.

All Canadian EM healthcare providers should take some time to familiarize themselves with the details by visiting the Heart and Stroke Foundation website.

Special Note for Canadian Paramedics:
However, until the knowledge translation (KT) cycle is complete, paramedics are reminded especially of their responsibility to always practice within their local protocols.  While we are hoping to close the KT window, we know that sometimes change takes more time.  Many of your local base hospitals, Colleges or regulators are likely still processing these new guidelines and determining the best way to integrate the changes into paramedic practice. But, if you read ahead with us now, you will be well primed for changes to protocols when they roll out!

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Download a copy of this infographic here – EMS.

The original article in Canadian Paramedicine  was co-written by Blair Bigham MD MSc ACPf, Jan Jensen MAHR ACP, Ian Blanchard MSc ACP, Ian Drennan ACP PhD(c), Jason Buick MSc ACPf(c), Janel Swain ACP, Michael Longeway CCPf, Andrew Travers MD FRCPC, Michelle Welsford MD FRCPC, Laurie Morrison MD MSc FRCPC. All of the authors collaborated on either the 2015 ILCOR CoSTR, the 2015 AHA/HSFC CPR and ECC Guidelines, or both.  This article has been altered and reviewed by Dr. Teresa Chan.

Blair Bigham

Blair Bigham

Blair Bigham is a flight paramedic, resident physician and wannabe astronaut in Ontario, Canada. He has spent the last decade balancing life as a clinician, educator and scientist. When not roaming the skies, wards, or recesses of his imagination he can found kayaking in Canada’s great white north.