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Moments: Perception

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It’s all we see. It consumes us. It is our reality. But what is it really? Nothing but a mere image projected on to an intricate layer of highly specialized cells. Almost instantaneously capturing moments. Breakable, taint-able, albeit, powerful. It is worth noting how easily perceptions can be altered. All it takes is a single beam of light to pierce through one’s pupil like a bullet, projecting an image that can never be …

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Moments: Tell me what you see

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“Tell me what you see” is a phrase that, for me, triggers the feeling of analysis and introspection. It makes me process in words what my eyes see. However, it is sometimes difficult to dissociate myself from what I perceive; often, I find that I unknowingly impose a mask of emotions and experiences onto whatever I am looking at. In medicine, this is likely necessary in order to develop an emphatic bond with …