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Special HiQuiPs Post on Choosing Wisely Canada and Quality Improvement Part 3 – Patient Engagement

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Patient Engagement in Practice: Case of Minor Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)A 40-year-male presents to the ED after sustaining a closed head injury during a soccer game. There is a question of a brief loss of consciousness and he is now complaining of a mild headache. At the ED triage, it is suspected that he has suffered a concussion. The patient appears anxious and is concerned that without imaging, his health may be at imminent …

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HiQuiPs: Preparation Part 2 – Stakeholder Engagement and Behavior Change

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You have recently finished a review of incidents that have been flagged in your ED. You have chosen a pertinent issue to tackle, formed a core group to work on the project, and formulated a SMART aim statement after reading our last HiQuiPs post. The median time for obtaining 12-lead ECGs is 13 minutes, while guidelines recommend less than 10 minutes.1 Your aim is to decrease the initial 12-lead ECG acquisition time by …