Physicians as Humans: Physician Mental Health

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In the competitive and paradoxically-isolating era of modern medicine and social media, we must reduce the stigma of not only mental illness, but also of occasionally being less than stellar. Improvements in work environment and lifestyle balance are key to improving the physician condition, but we must also endeavor to support each other with empathy and compassion for the benefit of our patients and our health care system.

Violence and Agitation in the Emergency Department

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The management of agitation in the ED can be a distressing experience. The first time you encounter an upset, angry, or violent patient can feel overwhelming and uncomfortable. Rapid decision-making is often necessary; decisions may be based on limited information during an unfolding situation. Arming yourself with basic guidelines, a supportive team, and an opportunity for debrief can be helpful in the management of an unstable situation. While data regarding prevalence is limited, …