Nadim Lalani

We welcome ERMentor, Nadim Lalani, to CanadiEM!

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Dr. Nadim Lalani has been a member of the FOAM (Free Open Access Medical education) movement longer than most. He was one of the folks around that bar table in Dublin when the term FOAM was coined and had one of the earlier websites, Back when I was a little 2nd year resident I recall him telling me about this “Life in the Fast Lane” blog that I just “had to follow.” I recall thinking “Sure, medical blogging, like that’ll ever be a thing…” Little did I know how much would change for us over the next six years as a result of our shared little addiction.

Since then, Nadim’s life has changed. Originally my residency program’s Assistant Program Director in Saskatoon, he has moved back home to Calgary with his wife and an adorable infant boy. Once a frequent poster on the ERMentor website, he shifted focus to his developing interest in professional coaching before fully transitioning to a new website,, to support his fledgling coaching career. With that transition, much of the great content that had been hosted on no longer had a home.

When Nadim approached CanadiEM about hosting this content we jumped at the chance. Over the last few weeks we have had our team of Junior Editors copy edit some of his best work and re-post it on CanadiEM. Posts like Teaching Trainees at Different Levels in the ED, the Failure to Fail series (parts 1, 2, and 3), and Delivering a great presentation in medicine have found new life on CanadiEM. His work has helped to populate a new section on CanadiEM with a focus on education.

On behalf of the CanadiEM Editorial Board, please join me in welcoming ERMentor, Dr. Nadim Lalani (@ermentor), to the CanadiEM Family.

Dr. Brent Thoma is a medical educator, blogging geek, and trauma/emergency physician who works at the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine. He founded BoringEM and is the CEO of CanadiEM.