Continuous Evidence Evaluation: HSFC/AHA Focused Update on the Role of Ventilation in Resuscitation

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Did you know?

ILCOR has shifted to a Continuous Evidence Evaluation (CEE) system

What does this mean for you?

You won’t get your giant q5year update anymore! Instead, experts and scientists will constantly scan the literature. When sufficient evidence requires a change in the guidelines, a FOCUSED update will then be released.

When does this process begin?

It already has! The first focused update was JUST released. New studies have strengthened ILCOR’s confidence about best practices for chest compressions and ventilations. They have summarized this here, and the Heart & Stroke Foundation have pushed out their education update here.

CanadiEM is committed to also assist in keeping you up-to-date in our way, so we present you with the first of our Continuous Evidence Evaluation infographic in ventilation in resuscitation. You can always find this update, and all of our previously published infographics on the 2015 guidelines on our CPR and Emergency Cardiac Care infographics homepage!

CPR & ECC 2017

As always, we encourage our readers to read critically and track back to the scientific documents from our KT infographics. Sometimes there are reasonable alternatives that we have not summarized fully in our infographics, so again, we encourage you to read the original ILCOR and HSFC documents! (Especially all you senior residents out there!)

You can also download the PDF version of this infographic: CPR & ECC 2017

This post was peer reviewed by Dr. Teresa Chan and Dr. Brent Thoma, and uploaded by Sonja Wakeling (@SonjaWakeling).

Blair Bigham

Blair Bigham

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