Tales From The Trenches 05: COVID Reflections – Two Years in a Pandemic

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In this episode, Tiffany talks with Dr. Kevin Dong from Hamilton, Canada, and CanadiEM podcast extraordinaire! We reflect on two years of practicing medicine during the COVID pandemic and share our own unique challenges, lessons learned and motivation to continue to work in the department as we enter our third year of the pandemic. Take a listen!

Host: Tiffany Proffitt DO, Staff Emergency Medicine Physician Honor Health

Guest: Dr. Kevin Dong

Short Bio: Dr. Kevin Dong. Kevin is an Emergency Medicine physician at the Hamilton Health Sciences in Hamilton, Canada. He is an assistant clinical professor at McMaster University and he is currently the Director of Continuing Professional Development with the Tri-Divisions of Emergency Medicine. He is a FOAMed enthusiast and is heavily involved in the CanadiEM world. 

Twitter: @kevinjdongMD

0:00-1:46 – Introduction

1:46- 27:46 – Discussion

1:46 – 5:43 – Q1) What were your first thoughts, feelings, routines at the beginning of the pandemic?

5:43 – 7:32 – Discussion of Omicron variant

7:32 – 10:00 – Kevin’s COVID baby

10:00 – 11:26 – Q2) Could you be in the delivery room?

11:26 – 12:30 – The plight of the physician parent. 

12:30 – 14:55 – Reflections on PPE pre versus mid-pandemic 

14:55 – 18:13 – Q3) What are your biggest frustrations that you are dealing with now two years into the pandemic?

18:13 – 22:36 – Discussion of how keeping the patient as our priority has created inter-specialty camaraderie.

22:36 –  27:46- Q4) What words of hope/commiseration/wisdom/support do you have for all of those in medicine as we enter year 3 of COVID?

27:46 – 28:24 CONCLUSION: Last words of wisdom and thoughts to the Emergency Medicine physicians around the world.

Take Home Points:

  1. This sucks, search out those little moments of joy.
  2. When you feel the most isolated and overwhelmed REACH OUT!! Don’t suffer alone! 
  3. Inches at a time, we will get through this darkness!


I am an advanced practice nurse who works as a Quality Patient Safety Specialist in Emergency Services and the current Director of Multimedia at CanadiEM. I am the co-host of The Gritty Nurse Podcast, an unfiltered podcast related to health and healthcare. I am also a dynamic speaker on health equity and antiracism in healthcare with the National Speakers Bureau.