IV Lipid emulsion for drug toxicity in the ED

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What is the role of intravenous lipid emulsion in drug toxicity in the emergency department? A 32-year-old male with depression and chronic neuropathic pain presents to your ED after an intentional overdose of 50 x 75 mg tablets of amitriptyline one hour ago. On exam, his blood pressure is 92/54 mmHg and his heart rate is 128 bpm. He is somewhat somnolent and gets rushed to your resuscitation bay from triage. His initial …

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Tiny Tips: The Effects of TCAs

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This month I’ve been reading a lot of toxicology. While running through the Antidepressant chapter in Rosen’s I realized that I was definitely going to need help remembering the ridiculous number of pharmacological effects of TCAs. Practical? Not so much. A potentially esoteric exam question? Definitely. This is the first BoringEM “Tiny Tip.” While most of my medical posts are quite long, I think there is some merit to occasionally going over something …