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Syncope: what (if any) investigations are required?

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Syncope is a common problem encountered in the Emergency Department, and yet despite this there are few strong consensus guidelines, and significant practice variation. Here we seek to explore some of the evidence regarding syncope care. The vast majority of literature and recommendations on syncope in this post, are based upon the well patient who has a syncopal event and is now well again. The differential diagnosis in this scenario is actually fairly …

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Medical Concept: ECGs in Syncope

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Editor’s Note: This absolutely fantastic piece on ECG findings in syncope has many ECGs. To get a better image click on the picture to to access the full size image at  the LIFTL ECG library. A huge shout out and thanks to the folks at LITFL for compiling such a great library! The Case You are a medical student working in the emergency department when a 31-year-old man presents following a syncopal episode.   …

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Simulation for Dentists: A Case of Syncope

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This week I was asked to run a simulation session for senior dental students that focused on emergencies a dentist might have to run in their office. A simulation for dentists!? I had never worked with dental students before. After some discussion and a brief literature review I found a case that fit the bill.  This post was meant to summarize take-away points for the students that participated that day and was not …