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HiQuiPs: Engaging Residents in QIPS – Current and Future Perspectives

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Welcome to this HiQuiPs post on Quality Improvement in Residency Education where we will review the current status of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QIPS) education in postgraduate medical education and strategies to effectively engage trainees in QIPS. CanMEDS and QIPS In 2015, the updated CanMEDs framework broadened accreditation standards for residency programs across Canada.​1​ As part of the CanMEDS roles, competencies in QIPS methodologies have been highlighted in each of the six …

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HiQuiPs: How do we evaluate virtual care?

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You are a resident coming in to see a patient who has come into the ED complaining of a new, sudden-onset, 9/10 pain headache. You run a CT scan and rule out any hemorrhage or stroke, referring them to the Stroke Prevention Clinic for a consultation. The patient asks if they can receive a virtual appointment for the future, as they live quite far away and would much prefer it. You wonder if …

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Next Generation Improvement Part 2: QI Frameworks – Quality Improvement vs. Systems Thinking

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You are the nurse manager of an emergency department at a small community hospital in rural Ontario. You recently helped facilitate the creation of a group of healthcare professionals to focus on improving patient flow within the emergency department, something that your hospital has noted to be a longstanding issue. The team is meeting for the first time tonight to discuss approaches to improving ED flow. You decide to take some time to …

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Next Generation Improvement Part 1: A Call for the Strategic Deployment of Improvement Modalities

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Quality Improvement (QI) is in the middle of a “market surge”. Over the last few years, we have seen QI move from being a fad to having an established presence in academia, hospital operations, and science.  A plot of Pubmed articles with the search criteria “quality improvement” OR “QI” yield a very flat slope between 1948 and 2009 (Figure 1).  Since then, there has been a notable increase, going from 3200 articles to …

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HiQuiPs: Building Quality & Safety Infrastructure

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You’ve completed a Quality Improvement (QI) project and you’re thinking about how you might align your efforts with those of your colleagues to build a community of practice that can prioritize, support, and deliver a comprehensive program of high-quality Q&S work. But where to start? What are the crucial steps and antecedents for success in building a robust Quality & Safety (Q&S) infrastructure? Welcome to this HiQuiPs post that offers a roadmap on …

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Clinical Question: When should patients be allowed to eat in the Emergency Department?

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You have just finished seeing a 12-year-old boy who fell off the monkey bars about an hour ago. He has an obvious deformity to his right elbow and you suspect a displaced fracture that will require reduction. You would like to use procedural sedation to facilitate the reduction, but an empty granola bar wrapper stops you in your tracks. “We missed dinner rushing here and he couldn’t resist,” his mom says. Staring at …