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HiQuiPs: Engaging Residents in QIPS – Current and Future Perspectives

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Welcome to this HiQuiPs post on Quality Improvement in Residency Education where we will review the current status of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QIPS) education in postgraduate medical education and strategies to effectively engage trainees in QIPS. CanMEDS and QIPS In 2015, the updated CanMEDs framework broadened accreditation standards for residency programs across Canada.​1​ As part of the CanMEDS roles, competencies in QIPS methodologies have been highlighted in each of the six …

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Bouncebacks: Much ado about nothing?

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“Hey Doc, remember that patient you saw last night…?” That one phrase terrifies Emergency Room (ER) Physicians everywhere. There is such a strong negative connotation associated with “bounceback” visits to the ER. Historically, medicine has emphasized a culture of perfection, so a bounceback is often considered an significant failure, as it is unacceptable to miss a diagnosis. However, we’re entering a new era of medicine; we are seeing larger patient volumes, increased complexity …