Tiny Tips: weakness MADE NICER

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Editor’s Note: This is a great mnemonic developed by two Canadian medical students Anali Maneshi and Matthew Cherian. This tool serves as a framework for an approach to a common ED presentation. If you have a tiny tip for us please consider sending it along by following our author instructions here.  Geriatric patients make up 20% of all visits to Canadian EDs (1). General weakness, which can have a large differential, is a common …

Tiny Tips: Seizures and STATUS EPILEPsy

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Seizure is a common presenting complaint in the Emergency Department.  According to one study seizure related presentations amount to about 1% of all ED visits. In that same study, status epilepticus accounted for around 6% of those patients presenting with seizures  And that was in 2000. Since then, then the definition of status epilepticus has changed.  In 2008, the Neurocritical Care Society introduced a new definition for Status Epilepticus. Status Epilepticus is now defined as: 5 minutes …

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Tiny Tips: PERC Rule

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The “Tiny Tips” series aims to provide helpful memory aids for remembering difficult to recall exam material for emergency medicine. You can get all of them compiled in an easy-to-review way by downloading the Tiny Tips deck of Boring Cards. This post outlines a mnemonic to help remember the PERC rule (Pulmonary Embolism Rule-out Criteria). PERC is a useful clinical decision rule to help rule-out pulmonary embolism in patients a clinician’s gestalt suggests …

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Tiny Tips: START Protocol for Mass Casualty Triage

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My residency program discussed the EMS chapters in Rosen’s tonight and went over the START protocol for triage in mass casualty incidents. For the unacquainted, START stands for Simple Triage And Rapid Treatment. This protocol aims to make triage extremely fast and simple to allow first responders to quickly assess large numbers of patients. Triaged patients are clearly marked with colors (black = dead, red = immediate attention, yellow = delayed attention, green = …

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Tiny Tips: Altered Mental Status

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Altered mental status is a frequent presentation with a very broad differential. Having a solid approach helps provide structure to the workup of a difficult group of patients. IS IT MEAT is a common mnemonic for this presentation and the best one that I have come across (thanks to Nadim Lalani from ermentor.com for teaching it to me and George Farjou for the quick comments to improve it). Not only do the letters have fairly intuitive …

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Tiny Tips: The Effects of TCAs

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This month I’ve been reading a lot of toxicology. While running through the Antidepressant chapter in Rosen’s I realized that I was definitely going to need help remembering the ridiculous number of pharmacological effects of TCAs. Practical? Not so much. A potentially esoteric exam question? Definitely. This is the first BoringEM “Tiny Tip.” While most of my medical posts are quite long, I think there is some merit to occasionally going over something …