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CJEM Visual Abstract – Machine learning to identify attributes that predict patients who LWBS in a pediatric ED

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For the August 2023 issue of CJEM, we collaborated with their team to present “Machine learning to identify attributes that predict patients who leave without being seen in a pediatric emergency department”​1​ in a visual abstract format. A mismatch in patient load and ED resources that allow for timely care have led to increased numbers of patients who want to leave without being assessed by a physician or advanced care provider (LWBS). Reported …

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Artificial intelligence in emergency medicine: beyond the hype

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During a busy night shift, you are reading a series of chest X-rays when you overhear a colleague remark, “This will all be replaced by computers soon, anyways”. You think back to a few Tweets on artificial intelligence in medicine and wonder if her comment has merit.   There has been so much hype about the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recent years, much of which is optimistic and some of which is …