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2021 CanadiEM Year in Review and Editor’s Choice Awards

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Over the past year, healthcare workers in Emergency Departments across the world have continued to show incredible resiliency and grit during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Emergency Department is the safety net of the system, the place where the doors are always open and no patients are refused. During the pandemic, the Emergency Department has taken on an even larger role, and this work should be recognized and appreciated. On this Year in Review, …

Tales From the Trenches E04: COVID Surge in India

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Overview: In this episode, Tiffany talks with Dr. Meenhas Oravil from Kerala India. They discuss the current COVID wave and at the time of this podcast recording, the Delta variant was just beginning to take hold. Take a listen! 0:00-1:01 – Introduction Host: Tiffany Proffitt DO, Staff Emergency Medicine Physician Honor Health Guest: Dr. Meenhas Oravil Kunhahamed, MD DNB is a Consultant Emergency Physician at Daya General Hospital – Thrissur, Kerala, India. He …

Post-game: The CaRMS Rank List

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Even after CaRMS interviews are over there is a lot of “stuff” to do. Should you send a thank you note to the programs that interviewed you? How is the program going about making their CaRMS rank list? How should you go about making your CaRMS rank list? Should this change if you’re entering the couples match? And what really happens if the unthinkable occurs and you go unmatched? This post will cover these topics and more.