Tiny Tips: Seizures and STATUS EPILEPsy

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Seizure is a common presenting complaint in the Emergency Department.  According to one study seizure related presentations amount to about 1% of all ED visits. In that same study, status epilepticus accounted for around 6% of those patients presenting with seizures  And that was in 2000. Since then, then the definition of status epilepticus has changed.  In 2008, the Neurocritical Care Society introduced a new definition for Status Epilepticus. Status Epilepticus is now defined as: 5 minutes …

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Diagnostic Statistics for Medical Students

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A few weeks ago I was tweeting about the excellent Statistics in Medicine MOOC offered by Kristin Sainani of Stanford University when Ernesto asked: @BoringEM how do you find this as a resident? Is statistics a gap in your training? #justcurious — Ernesto (@DilettanteMD) July 22, 2013 Well, is it? I was taught statistics in medical school and my residency program incorporated them into its curriculum. However, I feel like I always “got by” rather than really learned statistics. I …

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Tweeting and Medicine: Counterpoint from a new Twitterer

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By Teresa Chan, MD    |    Peer-reviewed by Brent Thoma, MD Dr. Christopher Labos (@drlabos) has confessed his hate for Twitter.  I would like to confess that I have fallen in love with it. Once again I find myself with a contrary opinion – I think tweeting and medicine go hand in hand – and thus, I have published my second BoringEM.org Counterpoint (see the first one here). Twitter is the Message The great Canadian Media …

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Tech Corner: Podcasts in Emergency Medicine

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I’m Maxim Ben-Yakov (aka @DocMaximum) – PGY4 in the FRCP (EM) program at University of Toronto, and current 1st year Fellow in Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Sick Kids. Often folks ask me: “what’s that awesome lecture or podcast you were talking about?” or “What do you think of this app?”  Well this is the place where we are going to bring it all together. We’ll talk podcasts, apps, blogs, and anything having to do …

D-Dimer: Should we adjust the cut-off value for age?

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Recently this article flew across my twitter feed via a link from Cliff Reid: Diagnostic accuracy of conventional or age adjusted D-dimer cut-off values in older patients with suspected venous thromboembolism: systematic review and meta-analysis (open access BMJ June 2013).   After a quick read of the abstract I was like this: A way to adjust the D-Dimer that preserves sensitivity while increasing specificity? That sounds MORE awesome than peach yogurt! Fewer negative CT’s would only be …

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Tiny Tips: PERC Rule

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The “Tiny Tips” series aims to provide helpful memory aids for remembering difficult to recall exam material for emergency medicine. You can get all of them compiled in an easy-to-review way by downloading the Tiny Tips deck of Boring Cards. This post outlines a mnemonic to help remember the PERC rule (Pulmonary Embolism Rule-out Criteria). PERC is a useful clinical decision rule to help rule-out pulmonary embolism in patients a clinician’s gestalt suggests …