A lover of self-portraits and still-lifes, Dick Ket is a Dutch painter who spent most of his life as a recluse, creating artwork in his parents’ secluded home. Unfortunately, he died at just 37 years old as a result of deteriorating health from a life-long medical condition. What diagnosis do you think Ket may had have based on his self-portrait? Special thank you to Dr. Courneya (the creator and curator of White Coat Warm Art – a very successful art gallery held every year at CCME) for sending in this painting that she spotted at a gallery abroad!

What physical findings does this man have? Click here for the answer.

Leah Zhao

Leah Zhao

Leah Zhao is a second year medical student at McMaster University. She spends most of her free time enjoying good food, going on outdoor adventures, and being a couch potato in front of her laptop.

Tetyana Maniuk

Tetyana is a PGY1 EM resident at uOttawa with a passion for the arts. She is the Editor of CanadiEM's Arts PRN Section.

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