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Moments: Grow

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Abstract In medicine, we heal. We work relentlessly, administering medication, performing surgical interventions, and, literally, mending broken hearts. Often, the wards of a hospital can appear dreary, swarming with exhausted healthcare practitioners and suffering patients. However, there is so much beauty in it all – so much potential for growth for everyone involved. Finding a moment to capture that realization is something I believe every healthcare provider should seek to do. A moment …

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Moments: The Human Composition

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Flesh and bones, is that the extent of the human composition? What about mind and soul, do those intangible entities merit more focused attention? Geographic location and cultural assimilation, does one feel their weight in the tongue as pronunciation is expressed in the form of a name that bears agnation? Yes, all those components add to the human identity, facilitating the temporary worldly existence, but do they give rise to the wisdom that …

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Spot the Diagnosis: The Case of the Recluse

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A lover of self-portraits and still-lifes, Dick Ket is a Dutch painter who spent most of his life as a recluse, creating artwork in his parents’ secluded home. Unfortunately, he died at just 37 years old as a result of deteriorating health from a life-long medical condition. What diagnosis do you think Ket may had have based on his self-portrait? Special thank you to Dr. Courneya (the creator and curator of White Coat Warm …

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Moments: Supporting Life

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There is fine balance in medicine like in nature. We gather strength from our roots, from our connections. We rely on our bodies, and spines, to keep us well supported and well grounded moment to moment. And with this balance, we can flourish into something beautiful and full of life.  And when we flourish together, we flourish greater than if we were one.