Flesh and bones,
is that the extent of the human composition?
What about mind and soul,
do those intangible entities merit more focused attention?
Geographic location and cultural assimilation,
does one feel their weight in the tongue as pronunciation
is expressed in the form of a name that bears agnation?
Yes, all those components add to the human identity,
facilitating the temporary worldly existence,
but do they give rise to the wisdom that comes from the
cognizance of the soul’s eventual path to perennity?
For to deny  the presence of the Creator’s space
in the human composition,
is to forget the first tear of simultaneous joy and distress
shed by a newborn as a mother pushes in her painful condition,
To disregard the self-sufficiency of the physical body,
as it works in a unilateral manner to heal up a once bloody gash,
is to forget the Creator’s elegance and to remain utterly haughty,
To have a set of eyes that give an enriching visual delight,
looking at the soft blue sky as the lungs breathe in the fresh crisp air,
witnessing the lush emerald green forestry in nature’s lair,
is to be reminded of the Creator’s gift to the human composition in the form of sight,
to know, to feel, to see, to sense,
these are the attributes which elevate
the human experience,
which reside in the boundless disposition
that is,
the human composition.

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This written piece is accompanied by an art piece that together were inspired by my ongoing understanding and inquiry of what contributes to and comprises of the human composition. The physical, mental and emotional well being of an individual is subjected to an array of experiences and unique moments, thus investigating and reflecting upon how these experiences shape identity is extremely fascinating to me. When caring for an individual and their health, it is imperative to create a space of trust and respect; when we consider the social determinants of health, while recognizing the unique backstory of an individual, we can give the most high quality of care. Caring and treating for an individual means understanding and respecting their cultural, spiritual and/or religious beliefs, while simultaneously recognizing how those elements tie into their well being. The art piece portrays a face with many vibrant and bold colours, representing the various experiences and identities that a human being has, which influences and shapes their well being. For many, their relationship and understanding with a higher power is often a source of healing when in times of distress, whether that distress be emotional, mental or physical. During those moments with a patient, when we combine and sew together all these delicate elements of the human identity, we can better facilitate a proper care routine; which can be rooted in the highest and most sincere level of tolerance, respect, trust and compassion.



I am forever fascinated by the intersection of arts and sciences and how they facilitate well-being.The author wishes to remain anonymous.

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