heart growth-anon

the heart and the mind,
two entities,
often in conflict
the mind pierces the heart with the sharp edges of its jagged thoughts,
the heart retaliates,
changing its vital rhythm,
creating a fog of disarray and desolation
and so they engage in a hasty tango,
in an arms race,
in a relentless competition,
they meet
in quiet accordance
from time to time
and it is in that
yet powerful intersection
that the soul heals itself


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This written piece looks to explore how the mind and the heart are not always moving in parallel within an individual. The art that accompanies it shows the heart in vibrant colours and real flowers stemming out of it, which signifies the moments in which we are healing and growing. When caring for another and developing a proper course of care, there is often an emphasis on understanding the mental and emotional state of the individual. Throughout this piece I explore the metaphorical relationship between the heart and the mind, and how they affect one another. In literature, cinema and music the struggle between the thoughts of the mind and the desires of the heart has often been shown. To go on a path towards optimal health and well being, we often must reflect on what is within our hearts, while simultaneously recognizing the thought processes and experiences that reside within the mind. It’s within those rare moments, where there is an agreement or accordance between the heart and the mind, that healing can begin.



I am forever fascinated by the intersection of arts and sciences and how they facilitate well-being.The author wishes to remain anonymous.

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