Make sure to scroll through these amazing watercolour paintings! Use the left and right arrows overlaid on the images; there are 7 in total.


Comment on the lighthouses (Paintings 1-3):

There are three: Point Amour (Labrador), Long Point (Twillingate) and George’s Island (Halifax harbor). “I love lighthouses. That’s why I paint them. Some are unfortunately being forsaken by the Federal Government and some are automated; they don’t have lighthouse keepers anymore. They are the guardian of the sailors in storms and fog. They are usually distinctive, having their own color patterns.”

 Comments on the boats in the harbor of Chester, NS (Painting 4): 

“ I love the sea. The boats sailing or moored in Chester harbor, viewed from the village street, generate a peaceful atmosphere.”

 Comments on icebergs grounded in a Bay in Newfoundland (Painting 5): 

“I am always in awe when I see icebergs and Newfoundland has many ‘iceberg alleys’ especially in the Spring. I love to paint the bergs because they have so many shades of white above the water and shades of green below.”

Comments on Western Bay Pond, Gros Morne Park, in Newfoundland (Painting 6): 

“To reach this Pond one has to walk a rough path, for about 45 minutes from the nearest highway. It was worth the walk. This is called a Pond, but rightly is a Lake, based on its size. A red colored tour boat can be seen far away. The tall, surrounding mountains and the reflected light from the horizon give a telescopic view to a painter.”

Comments on the wreck of a tanker, near a holiday resort in Dominican Republic (Painting 7): 

“The tanker appears to have been there several years. It is in clear view of the beach where guests can swim. It gave me a chance to paint the surf on the sand’s edge as well as it spraying the deck of the tanker.”






Carl Abbott MD, FRCPC, FACP

Born in Newfoundland; received his MD degree from Dalhousie University in 1959, his FRCPC in Internal Medicine in 1965. He has retired from the Dept. of Medicine at Dalhousie University (Div. of Endocrinology). His interests other than clinical medicine include building model ships, painting (watercolours and acrylics on wooden, nursing dolls) and the history of medicine and music. He is the Member of several Boards concerning Medical Archives. He has published articles on the maladies of musicians as well as a book (Mourning de Pachmann: the Quest for the Spirit of Chopin, 2012) on the famous Ukrainian pianist Vladimir de Pachmann. He has now finished a sequel to the first novel titled, Where Sound the Cries of Race and Clan. His paintings of the sea and lighthouses echo his island heritage, and include views of Newfoundland (Gros Morne Park) and many lighthouses in the Atlantic provinces.

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