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Chinese Medicine

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This piece was inspired from a trip I took to the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences over the summer. The gallery displayed various aspects of Western medicine but also displayed the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As I walked through the gallery I was reminded of my identity as a Chinese Canadian. I reflected on the balance in my life between East and West, past and present, and tradition and modernized. Medium: …

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Moments: 7 wonderful works of Dr. Carl Abbott

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Make sure to scroll through these amazing watercolour paintings! Use the left and right arrows overlaid on the images; there are 7 in total. [bg_faq_start] Comment on the lighthouses (Paintings 1-3): There are three: Point Amour (Labrador), Long Point (Twillingate) and George’s Island (Halifax harbor). “I love lighthouses. That’s why I paint them. Some are unfortunately being forsaken by the Federal Government and some are automated; they don’t have lighthouse keepers anymore. They are …

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Moments: Perception

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It’s all we see. It consumes us. It is our reality. But what is it really? Nothing but a mere image projected on to an intricate layer of highly specialized cells. Almost instantaneously capturing moments. Breakable, taint-able, albeit, powerful. It is worth noting how easily perceptions can be altered. All it takes is a single beam of light to pierce through one’s pupil like a bullet, projecting an image that can never be …