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Chinese Medicine

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This piece was inspired from a trip I took to the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences over the summer. The gallery displayed various aspects of Western medicine but also displayed the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As I walked through the gallery I was reminded of my identity as a Chinese Canadian. I reflected on the balance in my life between East and West, past and present, and tradition and modernized. Medium: …

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Moments: Remedy in Motion

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Abstract Last year I had developed some problems in my right leg, which had hindered much of its mobility and had consequently led to cutting back the activities that brought me joy and kept me in good health. Sometimes within the field of health, there is not too much that can be done, and accommodating an illness or pain can be challenging. In moments of discomfort, we can turn to the things that …

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Moments: Perception

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It’s all we see. It consumes us. It is our reality. But what is it really? Nothing but a mere image projected on to an intricate layer of highly specialized cells. Almost instantaneously capturing moments. Breakable, taint-able, albeit, powerful. It is worth noting how easily perceptions can be altered. All it takes is a single beam of light to pierce through one’s pupil like a bullet, projecting an image that can never be …