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We have a fixed “X” amount of money and resources. We want the best care for everyone. And we want it forever. If I presented this basic problem to a class of 5th graders, I can already picture them scratching their heads. “Excuse me sir,” one of them would raise his/her hand and say, “but that doesn’t add up – it’s not possible.”

The biggest unspoken secret.

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Doctors commit errors. It’s not spoken about openly, and every single patient would like to believe that his/her care will be perfect in its execution, every single time. Yet deep down we all know the ugly truth: physicians are human beings, and are guaranteed to make mistakes.

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  We had our inaugural residency retreat last month! Our guest speaker was Dr Paul Parks – a humble affable family man and Emergency Physician who was unwittingly thrust into the public eye after Emails were leaked documenting failures in the Alberta Health Care system resulting in ER “suboptimal outcomes”. Dr Parks and colleagues documented what they felt were deleterious outcomes in patients in the waiting room of  the University of Alberta Hospital …

Terrific T6 Talks – CanWHA?

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Thanks to Rob Woods for this: CanMEDS is a term unfamiliar for many current practicing physicians. The term stands for: Canadian Medical Education Directives for Specialists.  It was born out of a concept called ‘Outcome-Based Education‘.  The idea is that you should first decide what the product you want is, then design your assessment tools to measure those competencies and finally develop the curriculum and teaching methods to help trainees achieve those assessment …

Terrific T6 talks – Teaching in a Busy ER

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The Learning Context: Includes: Physical climate Emotional climate Intellectual climate Has definite effects on: Academic achievement Satisfaction Aspirations It’s therefore important to foster a positive learning environment: Absence of hunger and sleep deprivation. Learning is perceived to be a priority. Safe environment. FUN environment. Individual needs and goals met. Learners are part of the team. Two recent publications by the Bandiera et al highlighted the following: The above publications showed that highly effective …

Terrific T6 talks – Assessment

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  Amazing product. One of the most affective products I have tried on the market. Generic cialis online. Online Canadian Pharmacy provides one of quickest and easiest ordering processes available oline today. Carleton University has a neat resource for TA’s that is useful for all wanna-be educators. Here are tips for Clinicians regarding assessment of your trainees: 360 Evaluation [aka multi-source feedback] Increasingly being used for formative and summative feedback to trainees Lets …