Extra Health Tax on Extra Risky Behaviors?

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Recently I came across an interesting news piece that reported on a published research article documenting an unusually high rate of injuries requiring prehospital and emergency room utilization as a result of particularly risky behaviors, specifically at a Tough Mudder competition. You can find the actual article published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine here. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Tough Mudder race (similar to others like the Spartan Race, etc.) …

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Chalk Talk #1: Acute Pain Control

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BoringEM Chalk Talk’s are short (<5 minutes), basic videos aimed at contextualizing preclinical knowledge. They were initially created for the students of the Harvard Medical School Learner-Directed Simulation Program Chalk. I found that similar topics seemed to come up in a lot of the groups that I was teaching. Rather than doing the same basic tutorial for all of them, I decided to do it once and post it here for them to …

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Scrubbing out the noise around ‘Scrubbing In’.

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Guest post by Vicki Meyouhas. “They don’t put boring people on reality TV” responded by husband when I said that MTV should have cast me, or one of my many intelligent, responsible and ethical nurses to star in their new reality TV show ‘Scrubbing In’. He didn’t mean to offend me, of course, but there was a lot of truth to it. I doubt the buzz, the ratings and sought-after viewers would have …

The Precordial Thump: Good, Bad or Ugly?

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It’s one of those mythical interventions that everyone has heard of, less have attempted and few have seen used successfully. Everyone knows someone who knows someone that brought a patient back from the brink using only hope and the power contained within a tightly clenched fist. There’s something almost mystical about restarting a patient’s heart with a bare hand. However, these events are so rare that until Nadim Lalani’s tweet flew across my …

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Stay or Pay: Saskatchewan physician retention

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You show up for your job interview and things are going great. You really hit it off with the interviewers and could definitely see yourself working here. You know that after they give you some on-the-job training you will be qualified for your dream job. The training will be hard, occasionally requiring 24h shifts and >80h work weeks, but at least the pay is fair. You’re ecstatic. You give some firm handshakes and …

Advice for New Medical Bloggers

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If you follow BoringEM you may have noticed that there has not been as much new content lately. While I plan to continue writing and occasionally hosting content from other Canadian writers, the frequency of my posts on this site will be decreasing to ~1 per month.  After 70,000 hits in less than 9 months, I continue to be astounded by the support that BoringEM has received. More important than the randomness of internet …